The indie or independent music scene in India may have finally found its groove with its growing popularity among youngsters. There has been an overflow of fresh talent over the past one decade, a new festival is launched almost every year to support the independent artists. Normal bedrooms and basement studios have also created a thriving electronic music scene, and believe it or not, live music is performed at the most unlikely venues which make this whole underground scene even more happening.

New bands know one thing for sure, and that is, it’s time to create original content and to experiment now. Yeah, they  might not get major deals, but the internet still has listeners, right? Here are 7 Indie artists that you should definitely hear out. They might just surprise you with the uniqueness of their music.

 1. Dualist Inquiry

Dualist Inquiry is the brain child of Sahej Bakshi. This Delhi-based artist is well learned when it come to music and has studied it in L.A., and lucky for him, when he came back to India, the indie music scene was on a rise. And guess what? He hasn’t looked back ever since. Their tracks are more music based and there are hardly any lyrics, but we’re definitely not complaining here.


2. The Local Train

This band from Delhi became a huge sensation on YouTube having their videos earned more than a million collective views. They were ranked as India’s No.1 rock band by Sennheiser in 2015 as well. They don’t restrict themselves to a particular genre, but they say that they best express themselves in Hindi. We aren’t complaining.

3. Madboy/Mink

Madboy, Imaad Shah, and Mink, Saba Azad, from Mumbai collaborate on music and do a very fine job at that. They don’t have particular genre of music as such, but for all those who have attended their live gigs define to be an energetic duo who perform some great music.

4. Kumail

This independent artist from Mumbai has a some funky and unique his electronic music. What it will do to you is leave a calming effect on you, so much so that you can listen to him for hours together.

5. Prateek Kuhad

His music is based on the indie folk genre and his tunes will just speaks to your soul. Born and brought up in Jaipur, he studied from New York but decided to pursue music at the end. His lyrics are as soulful just like his music.

6. Ox7gen

Aditya Ashok goes by the stage name Ox7gen. His love for bass and drums clearly reflects in his music. The beats are catchy and will make you get a groove om!

7. Skrat

This band of three member band is based from Chennai and their music what we can call original. Fans say that the more you listen to them, the more they grow on you. Well, there’s only one way to find out, right?

8. Sandunes

This electronic music project belongs to Sanaya Ardeshir. She is a Mumbai-based producer, who’s a composer & synth player. Her early influences originate from jazz and blues, and her stint in the London underground music scene is what had defined her music. Her music blends various organic and electronic elements giving it a unique South Asian feel to it.


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