It is not just a woman who is entitled to having an elaborate wardrobe and have quite a lot of things in it. A man likes his fair pairs of shoes and button down t-shirts as well. It is not necessary, that to be fashionable you have to only wear labels and high end fashion couture. Even the right clothes that fit well can do wonders.

Here’s a list of things that should be a part of every man’s wardrobe.


1. A classic white shirt

Timeless, classic, versatile… it doesn’t get much more essential in a man’s wardrobe than a crisp white collared shirt. Whether you have a wedding, a barbecue or a court appearance, there will always be a time you need one… so buy a few and keep them well maintained.

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2. Round neck t-shirts

Here’s another wardrobe essential. Different and plain crew neck t-shirts are not only versatile, but very classic. They can be paired with a plain pair of jeans or for a more formal occasion, can be paired up with a sport blazers. If not coloured, a black and white is a must. But one must make sure that the fit they give you is good, otherwise it’ll just look sloppy.

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3. A good looking watch

This happens to be one of the most important accessories in a man’s entire look. You can own a good metal or leather strapped watch depending on your choice and taste.

4. Black formal shoes

A pair of good shiny formal leather shoes is a must, because footwear has the capability to make or break an outfit.

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5. Sunglasses

Another must-have accessory in a guys wardrobe should be a good looking pair of sunglasses, but mind you, keep in mind not to discount the quality because you don’t want it harming your eyes. There’s a shape, size and type for every man. You’ve just got to find the right one, for your face cut.


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6. A well-fitted suit

I cannot begin to explain how important it is to own a well tailored suit because an ill fitted one is going to take you nowhere. And when it comes to the ladies, it’s a huge turn off.

Men's clothing


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