The original animated version of Aladdin for sure is classic, Robbie William as a genie. But Aladdin was certainly at that time of the Disney where if something was really good, it had become a franchise. Even if it was just one movie. So Aladdin had sequels. It had an animated series. It had video games on Saga Genesis and Super Nintendo. They were broadly musical. They used to have a show at Disney California Adventure. And the reason why the California Adventure show is specifically brought up is because that is the kind to what this movie will be compared. It feels like a vibe of this is a big budget version of those stage shows and for that reason, the movie has attracted public attention.

Princess Jasmine And Prince Ali in Aladdin

Some of the other Disney live-action remakes adds a little more serious tone, this one keeps the light-hearted energy that is reminiscent of its past entries. Aladdin is funny and energetic and the characters are good. First part of the movie is a little in a clueless space. But then the movie progresses and it seems to work out really good. Throughout the course of the movie, it really starts to figure out the nice balance between doing what the original version had but also kind of being your own type. And that’s when the movie works best.

It felt like something that would have been made for the wonderful world of Disney. If you remember those blocks of time that used to be on the television but with a lot more money. Aladdin is a new interpretation of the story to allow you to have a gala time. Anything that helps is the cast man Meena Masood with his charm. He and the stunt team did all the new cool stuff. He was bouncing off the tops of buildings and jumping around and flipping around. The character of Jasmine and also how she looked in the movie is good. She sings and dances and is all dressed up. The actress really encapsulates the strong energy of Jasmine.


Now let’s talk about the blue elephant in the room – Will Smith as the Genie. There is no way possible to replace the magic that Robin Williams creates in the original animation. The choice of Will Smith for the role of Genie was probably a good choice because you need somebody that is kind of larger than life personality and different enough that we are not going to compare with Robin Williams. There are several times when the movie tries to make Will Smith a Robbin William genie. And that is when it doesn’t really feel right. But when Will Smith acts his best, he is not trying to fit in something else.

Will Smith as Aladdin

This is probably one of the most different roles Smith has done. He character is a little different from what his general genre is. His brings the energy to a different level. This feels like a new energetic Will Smith. Maybe of the fact that he was playing this character and the pressure of playing such an iconic role that he had to make sure he has not dug in. And especially there is a lot of the times in the movie when Aladdin becomes Prince Ali. There are a couple of new characters including Nasim Pedrad as jasmine’s handmaiden. Naomi Scott is playing Princess Jasmine. Nasim’s character was very funny and hilarious because of a lot of lies that she says. Musical numbers are not the same as the original but they go quite well with the movie and is quite entertaining. Some of these songs have been done before by other artists and in some other interpretations like California adventure and Broadway.


We must never compare a remake to its original. But its really impossible to not separate these things. There is an extended action sequence in the movie where the characters use CG. Jaffar was the villain but he even had some fun moments in the movie and also a song, a little reprise of Prince Ali but that is not in the movie. There was a couple of times where the movie speeds up. It usually happens during a musical sequence. The tempo of the song was slower than its first recording. In the remake, they had to speed up the song in order to fit the new version of the movie. In the movie, they use the monkey a lot. There is a Disneyland reference. No Gilbert Godfrey as Iago, this time we get Alan Tudyk. Alan Tudyk was a chicken in Bawana and now a parrot in this movie. Fark Walker as a voice actor to reprise his role as a Boo and Raja and the Cave of Wonders.


Aladdin cast

Thus, the movie was entertaining. It gave us a great new performance from Will Smith. There is some great diverse cast of really good actors. You will surely have a good time while watching this movie. You can like the animated version and simultaneously the live-action remake for different reasons.

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