Amazon is reportedly developing its first robot for the home, according to a report. The project has been named as “Vesta,” named after the Roman goddess of the hearth. It’s being developed by Lab126, which is the company for Amazon hardware R&D center that previously built the Amazon tools like Kindle, Fire Phone, and Echo.

There are no firm details on what Amazon’s robot looks like or what purpose it will serve, but the report also suggests it mainly looks like “mobile Alexa” — with the help of which following users around their house to places where they cannot even directly talk to an Echo speaker. Prototype robots built by Amazon reportedly have computer vision software and cameras for navigation, and the company is said to be planning to seed devices in employees’ homes by the end of the year.

From such scant details, it is so much to define and tell what company is planning, but it’s safe to say that a home robot, in this case, does not mean some “robot butler able to perform a variety of household chores.”

According to a report, mobile Alexa could still be very useful for users. It would allow lets users about the company’s virtual assistant to take on a more personal role, and the spatial information it collected could make Alexa function better and reliable.

Furthermore, it is not easily to guess what Amazon’s intentions are, and it’s completely possible that this research might not make it to a finished product. There is also a rumor that company will launch this robot by the end of this year.

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