Fashion is weird these days, FART Magazine finds out more

This week FART decided to investigate the truth behind the fur fashion. Looks Good, Feels Good, and Kills good souls too! Fashion is killing Human for fur? Feel like puking? But Ed Gein, the serial killer didn’t feel that way when he made gloves with human skin, and may be we won’t too in future. “NO, NEVER”, should be our answers for these kind of inhumane act.
Not just when you hear about killing Human for their skin, but killing animals too.

Fashion is killing humanity

Animal Fur

Glacier Wear’s Black Bear Hide

Fashion hasn’t killed a human yet but is killing humanity. If you can kill to eat, why not kill to dress? May be this is the idea the few foreign companies follow. Though they brand themselves saying they don’t influence badly on the environment. More than one billion rabbits and 100 million other animals are killed for this purpose every year worldwide. Can you believe? This is how the world is. And if a question is asked, “For what?” May be these brands have answers; Comfort for human, keep humans warm from the cold weather, and so many more. But they forget a point. Fashion is “DRESS TO KILL” unlike kill to dress and justifies themselves saying that they don’t hunt any for fur rather they do it to make use of the already slaughtered Bison. Okay, may be bison is good to eat, same for fox? For snakes? For dogs? For seals? Even for our domestic cats? This is inhumanity. If you believe humanity is all about caring for human, then yes, it’s time to stop mustering sins just for the sake of comfort. If you really think that there is no sin in this you are wrong. And if you feel, “How the hell we would manufacture blankets without these animal fur?”. There are certain furry animals that let you have the fur without effort of killing and congregating sin. For instance, bison grow out a downy winter coat, and slough it off in the spring.

If there is still some thinking this isn’t a sin, then why did some countries ban the idea at all? Still if you feel animals are always our slaves and it’s okay to have their fur for ourselves for the sake of fashion. Beware we aren’t far, may be Human Skin would come to preference over the Animal fur like Gnaw Their Tongues sang in 2007.

Animal Fur

Shein’s Faux Fur

And please no excuse for connecting it to eating the animals. If that is your problem, let’s stop eating them too. We humans are so ingenious. We are creating almost-like-us robots so how about going for a brand that bring us the most wonderful artificial fur this winter. Well-known as the Faux Fur or the Unreal Fur!

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