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From graduating in Aviation to giving life to many human invented characters in television soaps, and then a high jump to Bollywood. Anju Jadhav- the soon-to-be Diva! The actress is an admirable vibrant soul who doesn’t forget to wear that cute smile all the time. Army dad’s eldest daughter- Anju Jadhav, our favourite sitcom, Dil Deke Dekho fame is into Bollywood with her debut commercial film DOSTI KE SIDE EFFECTS(DKSE), along side Zuber K. Khan, Sapna Choudhary and Vikrant. Anju has been in a regional film before this. Her versatility is already been talked about by many.

Anju Jadhav

Anju Jadhav’s Pursuit Began…

Mahabarat on Star Plus gave her the kind of break-through that every youth of her age would yearn for in their career. Audition made way for Anju to the character, Sukhada. That reel character made her real-self recognized as an actor, and that proved the pessimists around her wrong, she manifested that Anju Jadhav is born to be an actor and would remain to be an actor. Jadhav says, “No Plan B, Jab tak hei jaan(which means: as long as there is life), I will just do this(laughs). If movie doesn’t work out, television is there.”

Anju Jadav’s favourites…

Anju Jadhav

When she was asked to share about her favourite movie which she would love to have a remake wherein she is casted, she had no second thoughts for the answer, she wished Devdas to be remade, and guess whose role? Madhuri Dixit’s! If Anju’s fans didn’t know about the actress she fancies, it’s Madhuri Dixit alone. She says with fire, “I am the craziest fan of Madhuri Dixit, I love her the most!”

In future she would like to play an IPS officer, says Anju who loves watching cartoon. Extremes? Yes they are but who hates watching Tom and Jerry? Anju is strong yet fun-loving human, she is bold and beautiful. When asked about how safe Bollywood is to woman, she asserted, “As far as I know Bollywood is safe, I haven’t experienced anything bad, the whole team was so much of fun. I hope it would be the same in the future too.”

About the DKSE Team, “They are amazing, all crazy friends, I should say. Sapna is so much fun, we together played pranks on Zuber. The whole team is very supportive. Last day of shoot, we went so emotional but we had fun too.”

Life has changed…

“I need to think before I leave my home, still I only choose clothes that I am comfortable in. Television industry was also the same.” Asked about how different is a film from a soap, Anju answered, “Just the dubbing part in the film is challenging, though television has that part, it’s very simple. Still I have made through(smiles). Hopefully, it would be easier next time.”

Advice for young actors…

“Believe in yourself and have patience, God will definitely give what you deserve, just keep working hard and have hope. Last, just be knowledgeable.”

The best part of Anju…

“Anju is like you all(chuckles), fun-loving, foodie, I am not different from any other normal girl. I love to remain simple.”

The worst thing about Anju…

“Anju is very emotional, it’s not always good that way. But, I love myself.”

Foodie but fit…

“I workout, I manage my diet well, but I definitely cheat one day(laughs) and I dance. Keep dancing you can stay fit.”

Just 21 days to go for DOSTI KE SIDE EFFECTS’ release…

“Excited, excited and excited(Jadav smiled with her eyes this time)!”

Anju Jadhav

Jadhav’s Exclusive Image for FART Magazine

Not ANJU JADHAV alone, we are much excited and twiddling our thumbs since the news of the DKSE release was out, and the whole BOLLYWOOD is. FART Magazine wishes luck to the DKSE Team. Anju Jadav, we are waiting to see you on the Big Screen! We are sure you would swoon our hearts just like you did on the small screen.

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