While there are some of the issues with Apple iPhone X problems going right now in the market, a far bigger one is on the horizon, and the company’s first significant move to diffuse it has come up very short period.
Apple iOS version 11.3 is not going to provide iPhone owners full control over their batteries and performance as of now.
In its new iOS 11.3 beta release, Apple has finally enabled the iPhone performance management it hopes will go some way to mitigating the numerous class action lawsuits and government investigations it faces worldwide for secretly throttling iPhones. The mission of the company was so simple: Apple is going to provide full control back its user so they could decide according to the choice of performance or stability.

Digging into the iOS 11.3 beta, the report has found users don’t get much of a say at all. Instead, what happens when users simply navigate to the new battery section and choose performance over default of stability, is they are only being given a temporary choice.

Source: Tech2

Should the iPhone crash in future, on restart it will flip back to stability mode – something you cannot stop and will see when you navigate back to the battery section.

All of which means Apple is missing the point. This was never about the right or wrong power mode to select. Apple got into hot water because it made negative performance changes to iPhones without the consent of the customer. If a user chooses to have their iPhone operate at a higher performance at the risk of some added instability, that is meant to be their choice.

The problem for Apple is this sort of flexibility runs entirely counter to the entire culture of the company. Starting from 2010, Apple gained unshakable certainty in its knowledge because every products and software works on the successful mantras of Steve Jobs: “It works.”

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