Apple is a famously secretive company, but no firm can entirely prevent details of its products leaking ahead of time – especially when it comes to new iPhones.

iPhone 9 Preview:  What to expect

Based on the glut of iPhone 9 rumours doing the rounds, we think we’ve got a rough idea of what to expect from Apple’s new handset.

Here’s a quick look at some of the weightier gossip, though note that as nothing has been confirmed, this is still just speculation. Alternatively, read on for a more in-depth exploration of the iPhone 9.
iPhone 9 Release Date: When does the iPhone 9 come out?

Apple’s next-gen iPhone models will be officially unveiled at an event at the Steve Jobs Theater, which will take place at 10am PST (6pm BST) on September 12.

iPhone 9 Price: How much will the iPhone 9 cost?

We don’t know the exact price of the iPhone 9, but it’s expected to be the cheapest of the the three new iPhones Apple is rumoured to be launching. However, Apple being Apple, you can bet your bottom dollar it will still set you back a pretty penny.

After all, the iPhone 8 saw the base cost of an iPhone rise to £699, which is loftier than the £599 Huawei P20 – and far beyond the £449 OnePlus 6.

Given the temperamental state of Great British Pound, it’s highly likely that the iPhone 9 will be at least as expensive as the iPhone 8 – in the UK, at least.

Reliable leaker Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that the new iPhones could come out at a price between $600 and $700, or between approximately £456 and £532. If we were to place a bet, we’d say £699 is the likeliest price tag, but expect anything between £679 and £749.

iPhone 9 Rumours and Specs: Latest iPhone 9 leaks

Much of what we’ve heard about the iPhone 9 has come in the form of dubious rumours and leaks, with little, if any, evidence to back them up. With that in mind, we’d recommend taking all the following information with a considerable pinch of your preferred seasoning.

Three new iPhone models

The most consistent rumour we’ve heard about Apple’s 2018 iPhone plans is that three handsets will be revealed on September 12. Two of them will sport OLED screens (one 5.8-inch and one 6.5-inch), but these may be called the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus respectively. The third, likely to be called iPhone 9, will be a cheaper, 6.1-inch model equipped with an LCD screen.

All three look set to sport an iPhone X-style edge-to-edge display, complete with display notch, which means it’s more than likely Apple will do away with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor altogether, replacing it with its Face ID face-recognition feature that made its first, and only to-date, appearance on the top-of-the-line iPhone X.


Apple may bundle an 18-watt USB-C fast charger in the box of the iPhone 9, in a move that could save iPhone owners as much as $70. That’s because up until now the firm has commanded $49 for its aftermarket 29-watt fast charger, then a further $19 for the necessary USB-C to Lightning cable.


Just few days back a leaked image showed off what was claimed to be an iPhone 9 sporting a much larger lens on its rear, which could mean a wider aperture.

Disappointingly, this image seems to suggest the phone will be equipped with just a single lens rather than the dual lens seen on recent handsets, but that may still be a feature reserved for more premium releases this year.


Some rumour-spinners believe that the iPhone 9 will come with a set of Apple’s wireless AirPods earphones in the box (RRP £159), instead of a standard set of wired EarPods (RRP £29). To be clear, though: that’s far from confirmed, with the few people who claim it’s the case having no evidence to support their claim. We don’t see why Apple would decide to give a lucrative product away for free with the new iPhone.

If, however, that does turn out to be the case, we can almost guarantee that the price of the handset will increase to at least cover the cost of the AirPods, which are going to be cost around £40 to manufacture. Apple would, of course, be looking to make a subtle profit to give the impression that they’re free – so in the unlikely event it does happen we think a £50-£60 hike is possible.


It’s looking increasingly likely that this year’s iPhones will be the first to allow you to insert two SIM cards at a time… but not for models released in the UK.

This rumour comes up with help of a courtesy of code discovered in the recent iOS 12 beta, which makes reference to a “secondSIM”. The feature is very popular in the developing world, but although it would be useful to consumers in the West too, Economic Daily News reports that it will be a feature that’s exclusive to China.

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