Most of the time, in our lives we are so much moved by what other tell and feel though they are in no relation at all, as how some celebrity gossip stories are, all cooked! The movie that proved negativity cannot kill the creativity in humans. The movie that garnered negative reviews but became a total box-office success. Almost a classic now, the science-fiction was out to the judging humans in 1998. The movie was perfect mounting of characters, though Bruce Willis was the lead. Armageddon has some ever memorable sequences that could make us say a ‘YES’ for any sci-fi movie!

For All Mankind
1998 witnessed a story that had some scenes that were really terrific, some making us salute the men who worked for the “FREEDOM FOR ALL MANKIND” like how it is rightly embroidered on there badge. The two-and-half-hours movie gifts us to see the life of people at NASA, the will they had to save the planet in meagre 18 days from the propelled meteors. Just to prevent a mass extinction, despite losing their own lives, which we see in the last 1 hour. A story that pushes us to the end of the seats and ending-up not using nail-cutters that week, almost every nail was bitten with the stupefying scenes Michael Bay directed. Surprisingly, Armageddon wasn’t all serious NASA officers’ plot, there was some serious-fun too, and also a romantic track that added some colour though the whole movie was about love the humans had for their own race.

The Love in Science-fiction
A.J. Frost played by Ben Affleck was in love with Harry S. Stamper’s daughter, which was not accepted like in most of the love stories in dramas. Harry played by Willis can be seen accepting A.J. towards the end of the movie, though that part of blessing A.J. to marry Grace, Harry’s daughter played by Liv Tyler was happy, that was followed with a tragic scene of Harry’s soul splitting away from his body like how the bomb successfully splits the asteroid 400 miles away, saving its collision on Earth.

Happy Note
Who doesn’t like a movie to end on a happy note? Even Bay wanted his audience to have a smile on their face once they leave the cinema. Though most of the scenes gave goose-bumps, the movie had some light moments that any human could relate to. The climax was great to watch, relaxing a bit as though all these time we had the fear of meteor hit the place we were at! Bay conveyed the Robert Roy Pool and Jonathan Hensleigh written science-fiction quite appealingly. Armageddon has that happily-ever-after kind of climax. The movie ends with officers running back to their family, that can probably make you smile with teary eyes!

Armageddon becomes a must-watch for the ones who haven’t watched it yet. Better late than never they say. Why not check YouTube for the movie or may be some other platform, but you need to watch this, whatsoever happens. Some classics are worth the watch, Armageddon is!

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