Avengers infinity war: The best in series!

The marvel powerhouse: Avengers infinity war is pumped by a big idea. To open from more than 4000 locations worldwide! Brilliant idea backed with innovative marketing skills.

Touted as the best in the league of superhero movies, it is expected to cross the top record. Presently the record is held by Star Wars: The Force awakens. Already the Avengers infinity war is pegged at 200 million dollar league.

Movie plot:


Avengers infinity war is a multi-starrer movie with it’s own ups and downs. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the movie traces the Avengers joining to fight Thanos.

The avengers take help of the Guardians of Galaxy to fight the evil villian. ( Too many superhumans fighting one). In itself the movie is an action packed flick that promises to awe you.

Thanos is an ultra powerful energetic villain. The villain actually balances the power quotient to lend credibility to the movie. Be prepared to watch awesome action and fight sequence.
The star cast includes the likes of Josh Brolin, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth olsen, Chris Hemsworth, etc. The movie loosely picks up from the captain America storyline.


Movie making:

The movie is 19th sequel to the previous Avengers series. The best part of the movie lies in the top superhero names and powers that combine to create hype! Overall the movie packs something for every kind of fan. The seat grabbing dialogues and screenplay make it worth each penny.
The avengers infinity war packs more action and cinematic experience than it’s previous series. A total of 10 long years went into the direction. Touted as the best in action, it is perhaps the most deadliest superhero show. The Supervillain Thanos makes the war a balanced one.  The drama and intense action sequence have made the movie a PG-13 rating.

Another great thing about the movie is that it celebrates individuals. So those suffering the brunt of organ loss can relate to the special characters who take things to their stride. Their confidence eludes to attract each and every individual to salute their die-hard attitude.

AvengersLPLord of Rings in space?

With a total of 156 minutes of intense action packed sequences, Walt Disney Pictures has made a mark in the space dominated by the likes of Marvel. This lead the movie buffs compare the movie to the Lord of Rings! Perhaps the new parameter of success would be Avengers infinity war.




The avengers infinity war has been nominated for 3 awards by the MTV. These include Best Villian, Best Movie (as if it was hard to guess) and Best Fight sequence.

The development has led the team to produce a sequel due to be out in 2019. However the few superheroes will be missed. (We will not spoil the plot).


India Joins the Infinity fever!


The avengers infinity had made a whopping business of 188 crores in the country! The Indian fan following has made it a strong contender for top spot against Padmavat. Among the Hollywood flicks released in India, the movie ranks at the top.


Share your thoughts on the movie. What do you believe is the best part of the movie!
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