Go, Went and Gone!

Banksy,  depicted a girl with Red Balloon in his recent performance. At recent Sotheby auction, the painting went for 1.4 million dollars. The art was beautiful and depicted a little girl reaching out to  a red Red Balloon. But this not why we are excited.

watch the raging artist and his take:



Banksy, an anonymous artist is a master stunt artist. His unique idea of SHREDDING his cash cow aka the girl with Red Balloon has made people stand up and take note. Like internet memes, Banksy is now a viral phenomenon!



The turn of events set in motion when the hammer went down. At this point of time, the art piece began  shredding itself from its frame! Then slowly the art slipped out from frame in neatly destroyed art ribbons! Supposedly, a machine was inputted into the frame of the above painting which aided in the destruction and creation of a new art piece! (All puns intended)

Banksy and girl with Red Balloon

Banksy against capitalism?


  • Banksy is labeled as an unconventional artist and has shocked the world with his head turning art pieces.


  • The art followers label Banksy as a fighter of modern capitalism. It is for sure that this  guerilla warfare won’t be without any big cause.


  • If this was the cause, Banksy has been unsuccessful. His painting today is regarded as a art beyond expectations. Such is the popularity of his Girl with Red Balloon that internet went viral with self shredding memes!
  • However, the art world stands abuzz with the destruction as a part of art. On his official page, the artist quotes a famous Pablo Picasso quote stating similar intentions.

Big Question: Is Banksy doing this for mere publicity or a more important agenda? Why he stays anonymous despite being a street artist?

Girl with Red Balloon artist:


After pulling such an unexpected  stunt before art collectors (and few lovers), Banksy is now famous as the artist of girl with Red Balloon.

People across borders are filtering the internet for grabbing an insight into the master craftsman. And frankly they are not disappointed!


Altogether, he is now an international prankster and  has received fair share of publicity for Girl with Red Balloon. Despite all the internet filtering and craze, he still remains anonymous.

In many ways than one, he is a true street artist. The recent buzz has made street art a piece of satire and celebration. His ideas have social and humanist tones.


In addition, his art form still remains true to street art as he uses stencil to add message to his work. Other than that, he would had been shrugged as a guy with spray can.


Banksy art pieces:



Apart from the Girl with Red Balloon, Banksy has created humourous and sardonic tricks to connect with his fans. On a broad spectrum, his creation has deeper connect into the trends ruling the season. From humour focusing on capitalism, political environment, advertising and many more details, he manages to stay innocent.

(Master craftsman at work on famous work)


In one look his art form passes as innocent and irrelevant street art but on a closer look, it shows daring truth into the social fabric. He is regarded by fans as a social mediator using art to his work of revolution.


This can be true and due to his guerilla acts, he remains aloof to arrest. Rather than bringing attention to himself, the focus stays on his masterpieces! He asserts by his anonymous nature the action faced by his fellow street artists. Perhaps fame covers attempts to arrest?


Capitalism prevails:


Banksy and his Girl with Red Balloon have been called as an attack on capitalistic social fabric. However, it is his idea  that is being used effectively by leading corporates to gain viral publicity.


Companies like: McDonald’s and IKEA have used their own additives to ride  this viral fever. Ikea gave its customers, their own DIY art on Instagram account of Norway, complete with frame, poster and scissors (sic). The  label questions how much will IKEA receive on its destruction?


Not far behind was celebrity giant: MCDonald. This version had a topsy turvy  McDonald’s big M. It was further shredded akin to the Girl with Red Balloon and instead fries came out!

The Poor Buyer?

Lost in all  this mess, is the art collector who wished to buy the original and unshredded version of Girl with Red Balloon. Sotheby’s describe her as a female European art collector and a client of Sotheby’s.

Is she still interested for the shredded art piece that put her at $1.4 million loss?

The answer is affirmative. The buyer is ready to invest in this shredded public prank. Though Sotheby’s describe her initial reaction as of a shock. Later when the art form became viral, she realised she was the owner of art history, through and through. Though an average buyer would describe it as a pricey privilege.



Alternatively, it is expected that the art piece will pay the buyer more than her fair share of loss pretty well. For sure, the Girl with Red Balloon is one of the most sought pieces.



Art world rarely has experienced an attempt at commercial destruction though music has its stint with it. Many believe that Banksy was motivated by the earlier attempt by a music band.

Share your views on this art form. What would you pay for owning this art piece? Yay or nay?


Share in the comments section below.




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