Be Your Own Director

That‘s the tagline for this cute bot. Most of the things aren’t too tough anymore. Technology has been helping us since day one. There are even artificial human beings happening because of the artificial intelligence(AI). This discovery of OBSBOT Tail, a camera that doesn’t need a cameraman anymore and this news is all over internet since this new year.

Video Credit: GO Technology 2019

Why OBSBOT Tail?

Why is it gaining full of likes and appreciations? Its distinct features is admirable, also it is the first of its kind- World’s First Auto-Director AI Camera. Too small when compared to the work it does. Time to be independent. You want your talent to be filmed? Just too shy to ask another person to record? Selfie video isn’t working anymore? Or having all these issues all together? You need to think about this new video creator tool. OBSBOT Tail is called as an auto-detector, so wherever you go, it can trace and capture you! Isn’t this small thing doing a great job?

Technical story of the OBSBOT Tail

OBSBOT has two main parts– The base which is dense, houses the electronics requirements an auto-detector should need, and two, a rotating head with an extended arm housing the camera sensor. The head can rotate 360 degrees which helps provide an untroubled experience. The base also has a USB Type-C port for charging, an LED indicator for the battery level and connection status. There’s a micro SD card slot on the curved surface of OBSBOT along with the power button. On the underside of the bot, there is a generic tripod mount which is meant for the independent! The Camera Company, Remo technology is the master brain behind this creative auto-director. That’s how the team celebrated this New Year. They are helping people fulfil their dreams at ease.

Ready to take the role of the scriptwriter, director, cameraperson and the hero? Yes, just YOU. This link can help you get your own bot. It’s time you show your talent to the world, it’s feather in your cap when you are the solo maker!

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