Can makeup make a person look beautiful? There has to be a reason why these ‘beautifying’ cameras and beauty products are taking over the market? It’s being said that once a person starts feeling ‘beautiful’ with makeup on, there’s no going back to being ‘natural’.

Some years back, there was a hype about the dangers and malfunctioning in our behaviour as we excessively attached ourselves to the ‘Selfie’ trend. The forecast remained true to its core and is slowly exhibiting the ‘real’ beauty behind the ‘beautiful’ faces on internet and photographs. Not staying stuck to the hypothesis and generalisations, or even medical science-backed researches, a young model from Kazakhstan proved the vanity of these ‘specialised selfie cameras and aids’ and how they’re playing with the concept of ‘being beautiful’. Almost everyone today uses a series of beautifying cameras, even after slathering layers of foundation and pallets of eyeshadows and highlighters. Our new generation is insatiable, always craving more for everything, but in return, hypnotising their own truth and reality. It’s not uncommon these days for people to meet someone they chatted with and see a totally different person than their photographs.

The beautiful Miss Virtual Kazakhstan finalist:

Eli Diaghilev, the ‘beautiful’ 22-year-old model in the scene, disguised himself as a lady named Arina Aliyeva and participated in a Virtual beauty contest. To everyone’s surprise, he made his way to the finals. Everyone wondered, “How beautiful she looks!”, only to their dismay. All of this haywire confusion began with an argument amongst his friends, where he tried hard to prove his point that inner beauty is getting succumbed these days. All that is sought after, remains the outer shades and appearance.  Being a model, he was quite familiar with the fashion techniques and tantrums, which he used in his favor for proving his point. The pretty faces flashing their highlights in front of the world are not beautiful for him. They are just faces, enhanced with makeup and concealing techniques. While a face can be camouflaged, the personality and original charm can’t be.

As successful as he came out, it showed how much depth and roots we lack. The technology used in his favor defeated the technology used for judging and distinguishing. Even in the throttling final moments, no one was able to find out the truth behind this disguised man. The glamour and beauty of the lady, he intended and presented himself as, took over their basic sense of judgement and no one cared to observe the reality. After securing a place in the finals, this man released a video stating the truth and his intent behind his actions. As he confessed, his goal was not ‘deception’, but he wanted to highlight a cause. He says, that the naturalness and individuality of a person are what that matter, and not the trends which we blindly and sheepishly follow. He was immediately disqualified and replaced by another model, but he won his point.

Quite courageous and outrageous, this man is anything, but wrong. We, genuinely need to take a seat back and reflect where we are heading? This man didn’t deceive us, we are steadily and increasingly doing that to ourselves.

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