Blake Lively – her amazing Pokemon manicure and surprise pregnancy announcement!

Blake Lively is pregnant with third child! She recently made her big reveal at Pokemon: Detective Pikachu premiere.

Despite her obvious pregnancy bump, she rocked the look in a fitted beautiful buttercup yellow dress, fluffed disco curls. But what kept our fashion magazine editors hooked to her look was a yellow ombre tiny Pikachu decal sticker laden manicure! She was supporting her husband Ryan Reynolds for his upcoming movie whereby he voices in for the title character- Pikachu in the animated movie.

Blake lively
Blake lively is pregnant

Blake Lively and Pokemon manicure decoded

Blake Lively and her Pokemon manicure isn’t the first time she has awed the fashion industry. She has been known to flaunt her manicures to suit her husband’s movies. Likewise in movie Deadpool 2, she pulled off a similar theme. Her Pokemon manicure artist Elle is herself a nail art pro and perfects each design to suit her client’s needs.

Together, the celebrity fashion trendsetters- Elle and Blake Lively zeroed on the unique design on a yellow muted base. On it were then accentuated the Pikachu decal through laser printed waterslide design to give a relatively real look. However, the Pokemon ball was hand drawn by the artist on Lively’s request and ended up with a Swarovski crystal.

The Reynold kids too got a Pokemon manicure though their nails were tiny and hence wasn’t so elaborated.

Rocking the Pokemon manicure

Though the Pikachu decal stickers were custom made by the artist herself on taking inspiration from the movie yet yellow manicure process can be achieved by-

  • Use two yellow nail paints. In Blake Lively’s case, it was Sally Hansen Insta dri range.
  • Apply one coat of buttered popcorn. Later dip a sponge in Canary colour to give a ombre look.
  • Do the sponge process carefully to achieve the bare highlights.Finish with decals (of your choice)

The surprise pregnancy announcement

At 42 and 31 respectively, Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively are welcoming their third child together. Their revelation at the last night’s Pikachu premiere made fans go gaga over their love for each other.

According to sources close to the family, they are pretty excited about this news. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 2012 and already have two daughters- James and Inez together.

The couple reveal that they make time for each other and family to help raise the kids. For this only one of the couple takes up a movie venture at a time. Then they shift together to stay like a close knit family. And unlike what fans speculate, they are not in for a baby boy. Ryan Reynolds went on record to admit that he wouldn’t care if he gets blessed with even 9 daughters.

Surprise announcement

The couple are pretty much in love and are intending to make many more happy memories. At Fart magazine, we congratulate the couple – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on their pregnancy.

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