After revealing the 8 Series Coupe earlier this year, BMW is now teasing the convertible variant of the automaker’s sleek coupe, the 8 Series Convertible, with action shots of the camouflaged test mule romping around Las Vegas and Death Valley.

Testing the vehicle’s overall performance under extreme driving and weather conditions is a critical step in the development of any vehicle, but even more so a range-topping convertible from the famed German automaker. Of course, there are few places in the world with harsher climate than the deserts of the Western United States, where new technologies and the engineering behind them get pushed to their breaking pots.

With temperatures that can exceed 122 degrees and extreme dust formations along desert’s edge that can clog entire ventilation systems, the weather conditions in Death Valley aren’t exactly suitable for a luxury convertible that’d feel more at home on the Vegas strip. Regardless, the extreme dryness in the Mojave Desert creates the ideal conditions to test the composition of soft materials. In Addition, a BMW 8 Series Convertible that has stood for hours in the blazing sun is analyzed by engineers to check the onboard electronics, the hi-fi system, sensors and cameras for the driver assistant systems to make sure they haven’t been disabled by the extreme temperatures.

At the famous Hoover Dam, BMW set out to test how the vehicle’s specialty computers hold up against strong sources of external electrical interference. The hydropower plant turbines emit extremely strong electromagnetic waves that could easily send sensors and other vital systems into an overwhelming frenzy.

According to BMW, the roof mechanism and the multi-layer soft-top of the 8 Series were also tested for thousands of kilometers under these conditions, further reinforcing their ability resist the various climates of potential future customers.

Even though the 8-series hasn’t arrived on the market yet, BMW has already started preparing a topless version of it. The Bavarian company has recently released a bunch of pictures of a fully camouflaged 8-series convertible doing extreme weather tests at Las Vegas, Nevada, and California’s Death Valley.

BMW says the new droptop has to go under extreme weather tests such as temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius, extreme dust formation on the edge of the desert, stop-and-go traffic on the Las Vegas Strip, gravel tracks around Mount Whitney, and long-distance journeys between the Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains.

BMW 8 series

Credits: USA Drive

Such intense testings will provide important insights into the functional safety of mechanical and electronic components under extreme weather conditions.

From the pictures, we can see that the convertible looks almost identical to the coupe version except for the folding fabric roof. The soft top also makes the roofline different from the coupe and eliminates the B-pillar. There is no visual difference in the car otherwise.

The 8-series coupe has already been unveiled by the company and it is also officially confirmed that a four-door gran coupe and a convertible version of the 8-series will be launched in 2019. Looking at the development pace of the company, we won’t be surprised if one or both of them arrive this year itself.

BMW is working hard on further expanding their luxury sedan segment. Apart from the 8-series, they also hinted that the 9-series is also a possibility.

About BMW

BMW is one of the three jewels of the German automobile industry the other two being Audi and Mercedes-Benz that dominate the world of high-end luxury car market with their ground-breaking technology. BMW is a multinational brand which has it headquatered in the city of Bravia, Germany and has a rich portfolio of different types of products that range from engines, motorcycles, and cars.

BMW has also entered into the MINI series of vehicles and is also the parent company of Rolls-Royce which is also one of the largest manufacturer of high sports an royal cars, which is considered to be the ultimate name in luxury. The success of BMW is a direct result of the ingenuity of German engineers who create these machines with utmost care and precision. Driving machines manufactured by the company have become the delightful mix of raw power and stylish body.

The main models of BMW in the market today include BMW 1 series, BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, BMW 6 series, BMW 7 series. In addition, it also produces X, Z4, M and i series of cars. BMW also builds powerful motorbikes under the Motorrad brand, the bikes manufactured under this brand including C, F, G, R and K series of bikes that have done remarkably well in all international markets. The company has created a dedicated team of engineers to offer high quality of service to its customers including roadside assistance and services in all  major cities of the world.

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