BMW will be hopping onto the natural language voice command bandwagon in March 2019 with the introduction of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The new natural language command system works much like the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX), most likely with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the background as the BMW system can learn the driver’s habits and routines.

In this case, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns the driver’s preferences, including seat heating or frequently visited places in the navigation system. Apart from its learning capabilities, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can be renamed to suit your preference. Out of the box, the system responds to ‘Hey BMW’, but that can be changed to anything else the driver desires.

Seeing that the system is contextual-based, the driver can just say, ‘Hey BMW, I’m feeling cold’, in which the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will adjust the cabin temperature accordingly. Additionally, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is also able to explain various features of the car, provide current vehicle status, and help answer questions. But perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to enhance the driver’s well-being. For example, if the driver says ‘Hey BMW, I feel tired’, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will respond by adjusting the interior lighting, music, and temperature to help keep the driver awake.

As the name implies, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is also able to remind the driver of service appointments and even arrange for an appointment. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business further adds to the system’s capabilities.

Over time, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will benefit from constant technical upgrades and will be able to learn more preferences and favoured settings. With each preference and settings the system learns, this forms the basis for the BMW ID, a digital profile that links the car to the driver and their digital world.

BMW says that the Intelligent Personal Assistant will be available from March 2019 as a basic version. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will be offered with models fitted with the new BMW Operating System 7.0 and as part of the Live Cockpit Professional (6U3).

The new BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can be requested for the new BMW G20 3 Series from November 2018. From March 2019, the new X5, Z4, and 8 Series will have the capacity to introduce the full form of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant by means of the Remote Software Upgrade without setting off to a merchant.

BMWs to get a computerized character.

BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant learns schedules and propensities so it can apply them in the suitable setting. It helps the driver, takes in their inclinations and knows about their favored vehicle settings. For instance: situate warming inclinations or continuous goals (“Take me home”). One of a kind component contrasted with other computerized partners of this compose is that drivers can name the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (for instance, “Charlie” or “Delight”) to dole out significantly more individual character and identity. Not exclusively does it anticipate the driver’s each summon, it’s dependably there to help them as well or even give easygoing discussion (“Hey BMW, what’s the significance of life?”).

It knows about the vehicle’s capacities and can work them as required. Saying “Hello BMW, I’m chilly” will incite the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant to alter the temperature inside the auto appropriately. Though the present adaptation is as of now ready to retain the favored settings, progressing change of the innovation will empower it to take in more and more inclinations and most loved settings. The right hand will enhance with each order given, each inquiry and each setting made. Shaping the reason for the majority of this will be the convenient, advanced client profile – the BMW ID – which interfaces the auto to the client and their computerized world.

Continuously close by: the advanced BMW master.

The landing of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant additionally implies there is dependably a genuine BMW professional on board. It can clarify a wide range of various capacities (“How do the Automatic Highbeams work?”), give current status data (“Is the oil level alright?”) and help answer questions (“What cautioning messages do I have?”). It knows the driver’s most loved settings and can even initiate a blend of them for their more prominent prosperity. For example, “Hello BMW, I feel tired” triggers an essentialness program that modifies the lighting mind-set, music and temperature, in addition to other things, with a specific end goal to influence the driver to feel more conscious. Later on, the collaborator will likewise have the capacity to give fuel-sparing driving tips or think ahead and caution drivers as fundamental. It could caution the driver to issues (“The tire weight is low”), for instance, help the driver to remember benefit arrangements or even mastermind a meeting with a BMW benefit focus.

The ideal driving sidekick.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is, to put it plainly, the perfect partner and can be especially helpful amid regular driving (“Hey BMW, search for the closest corner store on our course”). To make route less demanding than any time in recent memory, drivers can likewise enable it to get to their arrangements schedule and contacts, where it will remind the driver when the time has come to leave for an arrangement, give data on car influxes along the course and discover some place to stop at the trip’s goal.

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