Rags to Riches

Bollywood has seen many rags to riches story, on-screen and off-screen. Whenever there happens to be a motivational class, Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Khans’ name would come in, definitely the name that has been inspiring many. In the same league, there are many. Taj Mahal Hotel Waiter to the super comedian now existing in Bollywood- Boman Irani. This super actor was once a waiter at Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Age is just a number many say, Boman Irani has proved it making his Bollywood debut at 44. Success to be the output, the only input is Passion. “If there is passion in your heart and fire in your belly there is no one who can stop you from moving forward,” says Irani.

The Making of Boman Irani

Boman Irani

First step of his career was as a waiter, then after his mother met with an accident he had to work at his family shop. For almost 14 years this creative man was stuck inside the very uncreative place, he had to do something to prove himself that he wasn’t born to be there, but by then he was in his 30s. Cinema didn’t welcome that age he thought, he was determined to head for something else, he purchased his camera, with the savings he made from working as a waiter. And there born a professional photographer, let us read what Boman Irani says. He recalls, “I needed to do something creative and photography was my outlet. I started with sports photography, my pictures were getting composed pretty well and I used to make about 25 – 30 rupees per picture. I felt that was a great outlet, if I could make a profession out of this, then I would be a happy creative soul. That happened too, I bagged my first big project as an official photographer for The World Cup of Boxing that was happening in Mumbai. Then I did some pictures for an international client, for which I got 900 dollars, 300 dollars for each picture. I was thrilled. I was finally a professional photographer.”

Heroes Win, Villains Lose

As a kid Boman Irani had speech defect, he had a lisp, he says he spoke like Virus, his ever-memorable character in 3 Idiots. As we at times say, all problems come together uninvited! He was dyslexic too, that affected his academics. These stories are just his past now, Boman Irani had been upreared from all that. Most of us aren’t aware of Irani’s past may be, but definitely about his present.

Every human is a hero in the story of his God directed life, have you ever seen a hero lose? Only villain’s lose, and the villain in our lives are our problems, which are never destined to succeed in our story, life is just like Bollywood, it’s HERO oriented, always!

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