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China Moon
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China Moon, up in the sky, way too high?

China Moon launch will have its own moon for every city!

China Moon will jitter lovers as they won’t be under the same moon even if they are far! All puns intended.

China Moon

Well, Trust China to mass produce everything. Taking this viewpoint, China decided to launch its own lighting system that will emulate  the real moon. Presently titled as “China Moon” by media, the innovative lighting solution will save public electricity consumption.

Many of us will take this as a piece out of  a science fiction flick, (perhaps Mr. Jules Verne never imagined it as well), the China Moon will dominate the visual scenery.


China Moon launch impenitent:


China Moon is an artificial lighting solution designed to reduce usage of archaic street lighting systems. This will be placed in the orbit and poof, the energy bills will be reduced!

The first China Moon is ready for test mission and if all goes Well, the similar moons will dominate the Chinese sky.

China Moon is a man made, moon like illuminated satellite, designed to provide low light at predetermined spots. The first launch is in 2020 after which first China moon will be in orbit. The annual electrical saving will stand at 173 million dollars! Therefore, Innovation and sustainability, with a difference!

China Moon span:


Despite all the goodie points, China moon will never be a good light source. This is a deliberate attempt in order to sustain brightness at lower end. Hence, these would be  having a fifth of the actual brightness of a normal street lamp. These are expected to cover larger area with lower yet visible light.

However, Chinese assert that this will be crucial light source in:

  • Blackout
  • Emergency services
  • Shadier areas


This China moon will illuminate just 50 square kilometres. The orbit is set for 500 km value. Thus, it will  appear larger than the average moon.


Can artificial light sources replace the true beauty of nature?


Project essentials:


China moon will have three avatars. After the successful test of one, the others will be in sky by 2022.

The inital plan will be purely experimental whereas, rest will be useful for social and commercial worth.


So, the next advertisement will be on moon? Something akin to batman signals in sky? This remains to be seen.


Before launching inside  the city, the test moon will  be launched in desert. This will be  useful to understand the extent of its intervention in space observation equipment.

Brain behind China moon:


The project aims to complement real moon in spreading glow. A lot of people are already terming it  fake moon. However, the core idea is to spread a dusk like clarity in the region.

The fake moon is the brainchild of Wu Chunfeng, a main  contractor for Chinese space missions. He is the chairman of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology, Microelectronics System Research Institute. Interestingly, the fake moon will have no original light source. Rather, it will  reflect the sunlight back to the selected area. 

Copy of Russian idea?


The fake moon, is believed to be  designed by taking idea out of Russian attempt to bring similar light source to earth.

Russian scientists introduced project Znamya, way back in 1990. They used mirror to deflect sunlight back to earth, however with poor results.

China overwhelms US in lunar front?


While the lunar leaps of the Chinese are experimental till date, another attempt to launch lunar  mission is flurrying the NASA.


According to reports, US Air force is worried that China and it’s lunar  probes will double as offence weapons against the US.

Defence one states that apart from the above issue, the Trump government fears:


  • Danger by the Russian and Chinese Government lead space program to US infrastructure.
  • They produce small and affordable navigation satellites to overtake the USA Geo satellites.
  • These satellites can go after the intelligence and communication systems of the USA and GEO satellites. The sensitive information like missile defence, position and timing system can be used against the US.
  • This also interferes with the Trump administration defence program of space. Called as Space one.
  • The China aims to promote the satellite on the far end of the moon. This space is dominated by the NASA space missions. Their excess numbers, may in turn, impact the performance of each other, in long term.


Share your thoughts on the replacement of natural source of light with this artificial satellite. Is it a revolutionary idea or a mere wastage of resources? What will be the implications for the adoption?

Will these satellites be used like drones? For military or commercial use? All this remains to be seen.

Year 2022: The making of future.


Is China Moon able to dominate the minds of our fart magazine readers?


On a lighter note, what will Ekta Kapoor and Bollywood romantic dramas display if India adopts the system? Songs will go “China Moon Tod lau”.

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