International Mother Earth Day (or Earth Day)

Earth Day I.e. 22 April, 2018 is around the corner. Each year this day is to celebrate the Mother Earth. Thus, Earth Day is to remind us of the importance of maintenance of the life balance.


US senator and environment enthusiast: Gaylord Nelson was the driving force behind the celebrations. The idea came to Senator Nelson on witnessing the infamous 1969 oil spill at California.

The spill took a toll on the ecological system of California and the Outlook of the nation itself. Driven by the desire to involve the youth to the cause of the environment.
It is due to this reason that an ideal date i.e. 22 April is chosen. This day falls between the spring break as well as final examinations.
Initially the event had just 20 million supporters and by the 90s the figure swelled up to 200 million.
Then came the path breaking legislation in form of Rio Declaration of 1992. This legislation put more effort to economic, social and environment reforms.
Today, the figure of the followers is 1 billion. As a result, each year volunteers gather to plant trees, ensure cleanliness of the vicinity and achieving success through sustainable goals.

Earth Day 2018 Theme:

Leading the process of change is the Earth Day Network. It has been decided to dedicate the celebrations this year to End Plastic Pollution. With rising levels of plastic waste, art lovers are using it for their creative talent.

A religious institution in Ludhiana has created a green wall of the plastic waste. An artist’s desire is replayed on the walls to give breath to the choking cities.

Alternatively, another Ludhiana businessman has used tyres as flower pots!

The single use plastic bags are creating a big issue for the cities. The urban waste is already testing the limits of human interaction with environment.

Earth Day 2018 Earth dayThe organization is creating and finding support for ensuring utility. The constant efforts are catching attention of the youngsters.

Buffalo leads the change:

A small town in USA has already planned a host of activities. A new student art show on the Earth Day theme is planned. The happening area is the Buffalo Museum of science.

It is this exhibit that displays plastic bags into art forms. These wonderful art forms are saving earth. The once eyesores are now becoming a creating healthy art goals.

Penascola county pronounces the theme as that of  sustainability.  The county has teamed with national Earth Day Organization. The dream is to promote the fresh alternative to plastic.

The vendors of the area are promoting ride sharing. Also, hybrid vehicles along with natural energy sources are catching the fancy of the city.

Tunis art exhibit:

Plastic art and paintings are part of tunisian art scene. Since 1936, the gallery features art from second world war.  Art lovers are surely true nature lovers as well.

The art museum is paving the way to sustainability. The art gallery is Tunisian constant reminder of eco-friendliness.

Share with us your plans for the day. Help us promote the sustainable development goals!
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