Lack of Exercise shrinks your brain!

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Exercise is important for your body fitness. This is an understatement of the century. So if you have been procrastinating the gym, it is right time to take the health front seriously.


A recent study reveals that lack of Exercise during the later years is linked to both human brain and body fitness. The study further brings forth  alarming figures:

  • Lack of Exercise during 40’s leads to smaller brain volume.  It also causes arrhythmic heart rate and high blood pressure during the senior ages.
  • By year 2020, the number of dementia patients alone will surpass 115 million!

The research:


The research brings out the direct correlation in the fitness level and brain volume (refer to the video).

The subjects were viewed over a period of the decade to assess the relationship. The results postulate the importance of Exercise to gain brain volume in middle ages.
Another research asserts the importance of aerobic exercise in reducing the cognitive decline. Similar results on aging individuals reveal that Exercise boosts stronger muscles, improved balance and sharper memory and helps to maintain body fitness.



Being active pays!


The greatest reason to be physically active are:


  • Reducing the instances of heart disease.
  • Keeping strokes at Bay.


  • Warding off diabetes.
  • Losing weight.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Prevents depression.
  • Protects memory.


Subsequent claims:


The experts from British Columbia suggest that aerobic exercise helps to keep the body in action. This means: sweat glands and heart remain pumping. This fuels the hippocampus and learning abilities.


The benefit of Exercise is observed in case of:


  • Increasing memory
  • Reducing insulin resistance
  • Release of growth hormone
  • Exercise improves sleep
  • Reduces anxiety

Studies assert that prefrontal cortex (part that controls thinking) increases in volume for those people who workout. This holds true even for patients with moderate  volume of workout.

Therefore, if you are Young or old, Excerise is must. Be it body or mental health, simple excersises yield extraordinary results.

Exercise regime:


This leads us to a question: How much Exercise is needed to reap the benefits? An ideal regime of Exercise should be 120 minutes of moderate workout in a week. This intensity can be raised to 150 minutes a week. That’s roughly 21 minutes a day.


A variety of Exercise should be used to get maximal gains. This can include walking, swimming, racquet sports and even dancing! For tracking the day to day fitness quotient, invest in a fitness band. This will monitor your household chores. Opt for chores that help you break into a sweat. This will make your body more active.


How to overcome monotony?


The biggest excuse people make for lack of Exercise is lack of time. So how to make time for your workout?

  • Get an exercise friend (especially a fitness enthusiast). This will make you stick with schedule.
  • Join a fitness centre or coach.
  • Set achievement rewards.
  • Build a fitness timetable (and stick to it)
  • Eat right and stick to every opportunity to Excerise.
Simple strategic planning:
    • If you are a geek, take a walk to your friend’s place each day to educate him on new technology. This will make you social and physically active.
    • For couch potatoes, use home space and mobile for your entertainment. This means that you should walk while viewing the favorite TV show on the mobile. Another method is to move that bottom to your favorite number!
    • Have a workout session with your better half to strengthen your bones and bond. This will help you feel happy throughout the day!
    • Try to Make your favorite sports your regular workout method. This will make it easy to stick to the schedule and get refreshed.


Buying a pet canine helps a lot. Make the canine needs your duty and you would have Exercise and a trusted friend!

Remember, Exercise is not optional, it is necessity. Hence rather than buying expensive workout gear, start from the inexpensive ones.


Fitness is not difficult but the choice to be fit is!








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