Traveling to new and exciting countries and having fun is possibly one of the best things that ever had to us. However, unless you were blessed to grow up in a bilingual family, live abroad as a child or just have a knack for learning new tongues, you will know what bummer it is not being able to speak with locals due to a barrier in a local language. This device helps you in translates.

But now there is no fear, there is a futuristic earpiece that will make traveling and communicating in foreign languages more easy and convenient . Presenting a new device– The Pilot.

Which is Created by Waverly Labs, The Pilot is a modern device which is comprised of two in-ear pieces that provide real-time translations from and to a number of languages which includes some of the major languages like French, Spanish, and Italian. It is operated through a handy app that allows users to change the selection of languages on the basis of their choice with the help only.

The Pilot can be preordered and purchased for as little as $129(which is roughly around Rs 8000 in Indian currency). Now use this device and have a fun and exciting travel.

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