Google sold out to this man! Strange case of domain sale 

Sanmay Ved is the true owner of the Google search engine albeit for a few minutes. In 2015, the Google domain was up for sale for mere 12 dollars! For Google engineers, this was a temporary lapse of attention.

Sanmay ved Google

The domain was briefly owned by Samnay Ved, only to be cancelled by the search engine. In turn the search engine took the matter as a matter of finding the glitch in the process.


Sanmay Ved: An ex turns owner


Sanmay Ved, an ex employee of the Search engine, Google purchased the same through the company’s Google Domain service for mere 12 dollars. This was September 2015 that catapulted the person to fame.

To award him, Google decided to reward him the Google numerals i.e. 6006.13 dollars, for his act and help. A squint yields the funny part of this cause. However, the young man donated all the proceeds to charity foundation: The Art of Living, India.

Impressive feat by Sanmay ved, won the hearts of Google and it’s employees. The selfless nature combined with the intellectual capital of this young programmer is praiseworthy beyond expectations. 



Google, the fun payer?


Despite the lapse in domain security, Google packed a humorous punch in its offer. Though the initial offer made to Sanmay ved was Google numeral but later on the amount was doubled  in view of the generosity of the young man.


Google often uses such humourous punch in its working process.


  • Alphabet, the parent company of Google bought its stock for value of 5099,019,513.59 dollars. This was the square of 26 (in billion dollars), in a manner synonymous with alphabet. (pun intended).
  • Likewise, the pi billion value i.e. 3.14159 in billion was bid by the company for Nortel patents.
  • Further, Google shells out cash rewards for finding bugs in the services of the search engine. The figure is past three million till date for a mere 300 such people. Leading the bounty is three time awardee, Ezequiel Pereira, recently got 36k for all his efforts.
  • Similarly, Tomasz Bojarski, found a bug in the Google web to report these bugs! This tickled our funny bones to no extent.


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The Google loyalists:


In his defence, Sanmay ved proclaims himself as a loyal Google fan. He has been offered the money which in turn was used to build education infrastructure for the poor and downtrodden sections of society.

Recalling the day, sanmay Ved confirms feeling in control of Google webmaster tool along with sensitive information on the Google account. The previous domain purchases had never been this exciting opportunity for him. He confesses that the belief that the transaction will be aborted immediately and the attempt would fail. However, when the discovery card showed the deduction of payment, this was the moment that changed it all. For a mere 12 dollars, who wouldn’t want to be the owner of Google? 


How much would you pay to own Google for a day or a mere minute? How much you would demand for Google resale?


As a matter of similar fact,  Microsoft failed to update the renewal of its hotmain domain. It was snapped up by the private entities. The buyback cost was quite high. So does mean that such lapses are common in technology majors?

One minute manager:


Perhaps, owning the google, albeit temporarily is a moment of pride and absolute power. A humanistic, Samnay ved refused to delve  into the finer details of the purchase. At all points till purchase, he expected an error message or prank webpage to pop up. The moment of truth came with a big surprise, to be  cut short by the Google technical team in less than a minute.


The reason to purchase? Simple curiosity and the idea to see how far the process will proceed. The proceed went step by step towards towards payment gateway and ultimately payment was deducted from his card, sealing the Google domain sale in mere minutes and for 12 bucks! Impressive isn’t it? A simple glitch that made news! 


Apart from all the above causes, Ved remains a true Google employee. His career stint with the Google was brief of around 5 and half year. After all this, he joined MBA program at Boston to hone up his managerial skills for next purchase.



The temporary lapse of the Google gave this Indian programmer his fair share of fame. Though the attempt to analyse the impact of such glitch was highly recommended yet Google shelled a good sum to gain back what was truly theirs.

What if you get to own Google for a day? Will it be a moment of pride or probe? What changes you would like to introduce in Google? 

Share your views in the comments section below.


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