One of the biggest giants, Google seems to be working on bringing a revolutionary solution to messaging apps on its Android device. The tech giant’s Area 120 division – which works on experimental products – has sent out early invites to try out a new app which is called as “Reply App” that aims at expanding Allo’s Smart Reply feature with the most of the major instant messaging application, whether it is native or third-party.

The app will apparently use contextual machine learning to offer the best possible replies to message notifications. The app at the beginning is going to be expected to be available only on Android.

According to the report, of the email sent out to testers revealing some of the key features of the upcoming Reply app. According to the screenshots, Reply will have some basic sort of functions like responding to messages that require a reply with Yes/ No. For instance, it can all the closed questions like, “Are you at the restaurant?”, “Are you home yet?”

Apart from that, it will also be able to offer advanced context for questions like “When can you be home?” by getting up data from Google Maps. And, other functionality will include a Do Not Disturb(DND) mode that puts all the messages on silent when you are driving, a Vacation Responder, and a mode for getting urgent messages.

The invite form sent by Google’s Area 120 seems more fairly basic. It is also going to asks for your preferred messaging apps and how frequently you use them. Providing an email address is mandatory for signing up. An APK version has still not been released yet for testers.

The official email claims that Reply is expected to work with some of the major messaging apps which include Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Android Messages, Skype, Twitter DMs, and Slack. Do note that a Smart Reply feature has already been rolled out for Android Messages, albeit only for Project Fi users currently at this point in time.

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An APK teardown surfaced online last month detailing features of the beta version of 6.9 with the Gboard app. Codes which are extracted from the APK suggests that Smart Reply will be rolled out to Gboard’s incoming notifications in latest updates.

This feature is expected to work with apps such as Allo, Android Messages, Hangouts, Facebook, Messenger Lite, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Tencent.


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