The Drug Lords

There is so much around us. But our body is designed only to breathe in oxygen and to breathe out carbon-dioxide. That is the only possible way for the Human to survive. If the reverse happens then our destiny would be fatal. We definitely know what is to be taken in and what not, we are created in such a way that we know what evil is but we are not restricted to that even because we are given the freedom of choice. FART Magazine isn’t judging anyone here. That’s the reader’s part as you know what to Breathe in and what to Breathe out. We have Griselda Blanco’s The Drug Lords story for you this week.

The Godmother- Griselda Blanco breathed in the wrong air around

The woman who grew darker, and her titles too. “The Godmother,” or “La Madrina” in Spanish, “The Cocaine Queen” and “The Black Widow.” Sad that the World missed a devilish, burly woman who did cocaine business, not sad for missing the black-hearted but the woman she could have been with the power she had. She was a strong Colombian, she was dedicated, she was iron-willed, she was a survivor! But she used all her qualities to be infamous, hence created a nonentity. May be not her fault that was where her destiny took her possibly. Leaving home at an innocent age of 16, just to escape from her mother’s boyfriend’s sexual assault isn’t a thing a teen could easily digest. Later part of her life was where the world saw her diving deep into the ocean of crimes she killed nearly 200 people including her three husbands(though we have felt so at some point, we never did 😉), and with that she earned the Black Widow title.

Criminal was into being, instead of a meritorious woman

She sometimes forced men and women to have sex at gunpoint, she was an open bisexual. What are the reasons for all the wrong she did? She was grown up in a wrong place. Criminal was into being, instead of a meritorious woman. Did she wish to be a good soul? An unanswered question but definitely she might have, at least when she lost her 3 sons (whom she had with her first husband).

The story of failure, guilt & inhumanity. The story of a soul which had all the strength to beat down the bad around, but didn’t, as for her BAD was the good.

Criminals are never destined to have a peaceful death. The same story for the Drug Godmother, she was shot to death, not once but twice and bullets where shot in to the part where the wicked ideas grew- her head. We call it KARMA! There ended the 69 ghastly years she spent on the Earth.

There was a television drama last year based on her ill-famed life on Lifetime channel. Cocaine Godmother: The Griselda Blanco Story, which was directed by Guillermo Navarro and written by David McKenna. Catherine Zeta played the lead. 

Every Wednesday we have Drug Lords’ Darling Lives’ for our readers

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