Are you hoping in your heart that this one special girl feels for you the same way you do for her, but don’t know how to tell if she is really interested in you or not? Are you looking for hints that she’s dropped?

No doubt girls are often mysterious creatures and that makes it even more difficult to figure out whether or not a girl has her eye on you. But here are a few ideas with which you’ll know for sure. Read on to see if this girl really likes you or not.

1. When the girl likes to show off her body

Does the way she behave around you or even clothing seem to indicate that she’s looking for your attention at all? If yes, you might just be in luck boy!

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2. She wants to make plans with you to hang out.

Maybe she mentions going for a new movie that is to release or a show in a month or so. If yes. you’re on her mind! Make sure she also says yes quickly, if you suggest plans.

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3. You and the girl text a lot

Most shy girls don’t really want direct contact immediately and that’s why texting is so great in this day and age. God bless technology! If y’all are texting all day long exchanging cute messages with one another, that means she’d definitely into you.

4. She plays with her hair, when she’s around you.

When a girl is playing with her hair, she is unconsciously flirting with you and it’s safe to say that she wants you to give her your attention.

5. She bites or licks her lips often.

If she likes or is attracted towards you, she’ll check out your lips often as she is evaluating their thickness and ability to kiss, and while doing so bite her little bit too. Not only that, she will also try to get your attention on to her lips as well during flirt.

6. She ‘accidentally’ touches you all the time.

If she occasional playful punches you or give you a quick touch, it means a big deal when coming from a girl. It can only mean that she is looking for a reason to touch you or bump into you.

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