We at (F.A.R.T.) inherit conducting a linear information cycle, where we connect with young
audiences and illuminate emerging talent and ideas. We believe in providing innovative and response
based customization. In this era of technology and digital world, we know how important a virtual presence is, which tells our social.

• Our aim is to create interactive experiences that complement your brand and helps you in improving the ROI.

• To bring various communities, accelerate learning and encourage collaboration.
• Add density to ground level activities, spaces, and businesses.

What do we do?

We boost amateur talent amongst the young by developing user-generated arena. We create a space
for creative people to connect, aiming to make arts as a core part of the community. Encourage people to share their views and ideas.

Growth Strategy

We believe in democratic policy where ‘Youth’ is
our main target and we indulge them to bring and
create change in the society. We came with a
perspective to bring growth to the people
who will be associated with us in terms of
collaboration, reading, buying, interacting,
branding or any other service we would
bring to make our association strong in the array
of media & entertainment.


We focus on visual representation, where our
advertisements hit the target audience. They
have a longer life compared to any other medium
of mass communication. We conduct
interaction with content, blogging, and