So finally Hyundai Venue is here. We have seen teasers. We have seen the pictures. And now we have the Hyundai Venue unveiled. If you see the car, it has a great design with a cascade grill that is followed through a lot of cues from the Kona and from the Creta. If you come along the side of the car, it does look a lot like the Creta. There are lots of styling done with new headlights and at the back, it does have a very large boot, the tail lamps, the stop lamps. You have projector headlamps available. Hyundai Venue has projector headlamps come with the cornering lamps. There is a lot of cues that give a lot of pizzazz. It is also really spacious on the inside.

A look at the interior

Let’s take a look at what space inside looks like. This has a broader interior and you feel like you are driving a premium vehicle. So you get a small sunroof that is mainly to the front of the car but the rear seat of the car does get its air conditioner window. There is a big glass area. So it does feel quite airy. Of course, as far as the room goes, it will be a bit tight for three. leg room is good enough for a middle-sized person. Taller people might find the leg room a bit tight. There is a big really nice spacious looking boot. You can get a big suitcase, three or four other luggage very comfortably. This car can pack in quite a lot for those outdoor trips. Let’s take a look at the dash.

Engine and the technical features

You have a touch screen infotainment and the highlight and the key on the screen is the blue link connectivity where this car can be connected to simply your phone. You can use a whole lot of features. You can put the car on and the AC on and check where the car is. You have a host of other features as well. It’s a clean and neat dash layout. And of course there the other talking points of this car. You are going to get a new one-liter turbocharged engine with this car and you get the 1.2-liter petrol and 1.4-liter diesel that you see in the i20 as well. From the safety point of view, Hyundai offers 6 airbags in the top segments and also curtain airbags.

Hyundai Venue 2019

The layout is very simple and sorted. The dashboard is very clean and simple. The structure of headlamps is very different from the traditional ones. It’s a twin headlight. There are SOS buttons for emergency calls. The call button will connect you to the Hyundai service center.

Despite being an SUV, its turning radius is quite nice. The car is quite high up from the ground to for an easy ride on a bumpy road. There are 4 1L bottle holders and 4 cup holders. The price starts from 6.5 Lakhs and goes up to 10 lakhs for the top model.

Other Interesting Features

You get the tilt and telescopic feature available in the steering so that you can adjust it accordingly. You get the steering mounted controls and natural speech voice recognition feature. Also, you have the cruise control available in the steering. Hyundai Venue also has an audio – video navigation technological system. You can remotely on and off the engine of your car.

You can set the geo-tagging of your car. you can also start the AC of your car remotely. The location of the car can be shared to a maximum of five people. In case someone is driving beyond what you have set, you get the notification of each and everything. Not to mention that if you get a signal of theft, you can stop the engine then and there itself. It has fully automatic temperature control and air purifying system. It has a wireless charging option. There is a projector fog lamp.

Specifications of Hyundai Venue

Moreover, Venue is being assembled in India and South Korea. Even before its launch, more than 2000 cars have been booked. There is a big Hyundai logo on the dark chrome front grill. It is 4meters in length and 1.6 meters in height. It is a front engine and front wheel drive. It has a 16 inches diamond cut alloy wheel. However, there is also an option for 15 inches steel wheel. the front part has a disc brake coupled with drum brakes in the rear part. Apart from white, the other colors that are available are silver, red, blue, orange and grey. The roof part is available in black and white colors in dual tone.

Just go and check out this new model in the first place if you are looking to buy a car. It can certainly be an interesting option for you.

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