The Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max are real – and they’re now available for pre-order. Apple’s brand new handsets can now be pre-ordered at a range of online retailers, including Vodafone, EE, O2 and many more, and will start shipping next week, on Friday 21 September.

Pre-order the iPhone Xs and Xs Max

If you’re keen to get your hands on the sparkly new devices, now’s your time. Meanwhile, those hoping to get their mitts on Apple’s new “entry-level” handset – the iPhone XR – will face more of a wait. Pre-orders open for the iPhone XR from 19 October, and the devices will start shipping the subsequent week, on 26 October.

First unveiled at Apple’s “Gather round” event on 12 September, Apple gave us an in-depth look at both of its new iPhones. For those who didn’t get the memo, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are actually the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus – Apple’s just gone about naming them differently this time around. The adoption of an “s” to the iPhone X name does fit with Apple’s iteration cycle, and the iPhone Xs is, by and large, a simple evolution of what’s come before.

iPhone Xs release date: When does it go on sale?

The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are available for preorder on the Apple store from Friday 14 September and first orders will begin shipping next week, on Friday 21 September.

For some countries, including Greece and Andora, both new flagship iPhones won’t ship until 28 September. Thankfully those of us in the UK and US, along with a handful of other European countries, 21 September is all you have to worry about.

iPhone Xs price: How much do both iPhones cost?

In typical Apple fashion, neither the iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max are cheap. The smaller iPhone Xs starts at £999 for a 64GB model. The iPhone Xs Max clocks in at £1,099 for the same 64GB storage space. If you want more, you can pick either 256GB or a mighty 512GB model.

iPhone Xs design: What do the new iPhones look like?

During Apple’s event many details were given about all manner of the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max’s features, but not much was said around its actual design.

That’s not too surprising though as it’s practically the same as last year’s iPhone X. Apple says it’s made from surgical-grade stainless steel and comes with an IP68 rating to make it the most durable iPhone yet. Now Apple has finally reached the same water and dust resistivity rating of many flagship Android devices, users can now look forward to dropping it in up to two meters of salt or freshwater for 30 minutes.

iPhone Xs display: What is the new iPhone screen like?

Both of this year’s iPhones have super-sized displays for their form factor. The iPhone Xs comes with a 5.8in display and the iPhone Xs Max boasts a whopping 6.5in one. Thankfully, due to the iPhone Xs Max’s edge-to-edge display, this huge screen is contained within a form factor that’s no bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone Xs camera: How good is the next iPhone camera?

A phone is really just the sum of its parts and, for most people, that means if the camera is crap the phone is practically worthless. Thankfully, this time around, it looks as if Apple has spent a lot of time investing in its camera technology. The iPhone 8 Plus previously boasted a great snapper for video recording, but not much anything super strong for photography. This year’s iPhone Xs and Xs Max seem to have remedied the problem and has done so mostly through software advancements rather than an overhaul of its camera module.

iPhone Xs battery: What’s the battery life of the iPhone Xs?

When it comes to battery life, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max don’t disappoint. Apple’s brand new handsets offer all-day battery life. The company is assuring prospective buyers that, when its software teams build features, “they tailor their algorithms to optimise for performance and efficiency on the chip”, and vice versa.

iPhone Xs features: What else does the iPhone Xs have to offer?

This is 2018, and Apple would have been mad to overlook augmented and/or virtual reality. Good thing it hasn’t, with the iPhone Xs offering unprecedented AR. Users will benefit from a combination of the handset’s advanced camera sensor, ISP, Neural Engine, gyroscope and accelerated plane detection. In fact, Apple’s so sure of its augmented reality capability that it has dubbed it “the best AR platform in the world”.

iPhone Xs specs: What’s inside the iPhone Xs?

With the iPhone Xs, speed is a priority; it delivers 4G LTE Advanced for ridiculously zippy download speeds. There’s plenty of space for said downloads, too; storage goes up to 512GB (although be prepared to remortgage your house for quite that much space).

What’s powering this mighty performance? Apple’s A12 Bionic chip, which comes equipped with the impressive Neural Engine. It’s this technology that’s behind a lot of the iPhone Xs’ frankly marvellous camera; it can uses machine learning to identify faces in shot and detect specific features.

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