Karnika Popli is a Delhi based singer songwriter, professionally doing music around the world having the age of 22 years. She started singing Gurbani in school but always had this keen interest in western singing. So, she started writing her own songs about things she was getting inspiration from and released her first original when she was 14 years old. She is a self-taught singer who loves to sing.

As soon as Karnika reached college, she formed her first band and also worked independently composing songs for various social causes, out of which one was even published in an online newspaper and offline newspaper.

During her early singing days Karnika covered alternative rock songs but through the journey she has explored many genres like Jazz, Classic rock, Folk rock and right now she is working on Progressive stuff and simultaneously learning the theoretical aspects of music. Some of the famous artists like Amy Lee, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and many more influence her.

She has performed Acoustic and Full band sets at many venues across Delhi such as IIT Delhi, Delhi University, Umrao Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and many cafes like Cafe 27, Dzukou, Depot 29, Boom box cafe, People and co, matchbox, Asian food festival. She has also collaborated with a couple of independent artists and projects and currently working with a fusion band called Nirvaan and also working on her solo EP simultaneously.

An ardent bibliophile with a keen eye for details, yours truly is a writer, naturalist, and artist. The interests range from technology to fashion. The theme of FART aptly describes the passion for the process of a self-actualization. Presently trying to align with the poetic geniuses and their legacy. (If ever be able to decipher their meaning).

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