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LED clothing: lighting up fashion! Diwali special!

Psychedelic trance by LED clothing powered by this technology.

A company that specialises in LED clothing from Calgary, Canada is making news for all the right reasons. By combining fashion and technology, this LED clothing company called as ‘Make Fashion’. Hence, you need to wear these unique style clothing this Diwali for the best results. (Call up your phoren cousins today).


The LED clothing is super easy to design (see the DIY video below) but making the end result washable is a big target. Thus, it was the first challenge that Make Fashion, Canada took up. Likewise the company is driven by both creative fashion as well as flashy designs that speak! Undoubtedly, the brand finds success across borders to light up the workshops and runways with its unique designs and variety in LED clothing. Fart magazine, your leader in fashion and technology, chronicles these unique trends for you. Read on:


Make Fashion’s Led clothing


Cofounder of Make Fashion and LED clothing, Maria Hoover states that their goal is to design ready to wear clothes, enough for a flashy or club night out. Their idea is to design clothes that are sustainable and fashionable. Well it’s late for you to flash your fashion style now after halloween party.


Moreover, the LED clothing not only flashes in end of evening but also regulates the body temperature.  

As a part of their Lumen Couture sub-brand, they have introduced light strips using a USB and power bank. All this is hidden inside your dress, intelligently. It is all accessible as well as washable.

Besides that, Maria Hoover and her LED clothing is not that simple. The company sells three levels of fashion wearable LED. Moreover, the  buyer’s investment capability are also taken into account. All this is important in combining the LED driven fashion trends of future.


More on LED clothing:


While in contrast to local designers using DIY art, the onslaught of technology, LED clothing had became a common and affordable version. The spectacular combination of fashion and technology lights up ramps as well as smiles. Combined with ultra modern performance and quality, the LED clothing brings psychedelic trance.

By using exclusive methods, a qualified technician placed light emitting diodes inside the  clothing (check the below image. The output is driven by a data bank which lights up these diodes easily and lasts long. Creatively placed, these are available as high end fashion for both men and women.

LED clothingFor mount: Smart LED lights are combined by fiber optics along with EL sheets to the desired  design for added effect. Each garment had specific features example: lighting, added effects as well as control. Interestingly, these LED clothes can:


  • Twinkle, display patterns, sequential order or change pattern or intensity of the luminance.
  • Control is in your hands (literally) by way of in-hand mechanism or inbuilt circuit effect.
  • Be preprogrammed in order to repeat according to a set pattern of your favorite music or number.

Future is now?

Apart from Make Fashion Canada, numerous other companies are taking charge of this segment. Flexible electronic elements are core to their design in order to aid body movement.      


By the aid of globalisation, LED clothing is becoming more advanced. Laden with features  that makes it work for a specific time duration as well as need. Be it a stage performance or just an evening out, the clothes accommodate all. Another brand in this technology race is Stitchkit. Their designs are affordable and memorable.


All these efforts are instrumental in bringing technology closer to fashion trends. A single charge of power bank powers these LED clothes to shine for eight hours straight. Imagine wearing this to your routine job and (cough) impressing your boss, for a  change.

Why should you wear them in the first place? To make a lasting impression! Duh!


Lumen couture:


Lumen couture is a brand that designed high end fashion trends in LED light. They started out as a small company lead by the idea to power hats with LED. The brand is fastest growing technology company in the fashion industry. Presently, the team of Lumen couture is leading change in LED clothing with their innovative ideas. Their ultimate goal is to expand the existing technology to enhance the user experience. Further, the company is looking for solutions to augment the camera embedded inside the hats to project Augmented Reality (AR) shows.


Big questions:


Is this wearable LED technology the future of fashion or a mere fad? Will these be able to be incumbent on the regular fashion season? What will be their impact on human body, considering the light emitters will hear up the clothing? How affordable will the brands be? Will these interfere with the electronic devices we carry with us?


All this remains to be seen.


Will you invest in such trends? Where will you wear them to? Share your unique ideas with us in the comments section below!



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