World’s first smart Fork and it was designed by a French engineer

Many of us, unconsciously eat very fast. It often leads to overeating as the brain takes about fifteen minutes to realize and convey that the appetite has been fully satisfied. coming to the Gadget, HAPILABS introduces the Hapifork at CES. It is the world’s first smart Fork and it was designed by a French engineer. Hapi Fork is designed to keep us informed about the speed at which we are eating. It records the number of servings eaten per minute. It can also indicate the interval between servings and the duration of each meal.

Hapi Fork uses the data to give you feedback on your eating habits which can be viewed online via a “sports tracking style” web interface. of course, there is a brace of companion mobile apps too for iOS and Android, allowing you to track your eating habits on the go. the fork has another up its sleeve too, which is that when it thinks you are eating too fast, it will vibrate when you put it to your lips to let you know to slow down.

How HAPIfork works?

When you are eating too fast, HAPIFORK sends you gentle vibrations and indicator lights, so you are aware of when you are not eating at a pace that is optimal for your health. the smart FORK helps you slow down without a disruption to your meal or conversation.

The HAPIFORK contains an electronic key with a printed circuit that links the extremity and the handle of the fork. because the fork can contact with only two parts of your body; with your mouth and hand, the device is successful at counting the number of fork servings during a meal.

Activities of HAPIFORK

  • The exact time you start and end time of your meal.
  • The number of FORK SERVINGS taken per minute and per meal.
  • The specifications durations of each FORK SERVING interval.
  • Your overall meal duration.

Benefits of using this HAPIfork:

  1. It can improve your eating behaviour by helping you eat more slowly.
  2. It can help you to lose your weight: satiety is only felt roughly 15 minutes after a meal, so the faster you eat, the more you eat. It stands to reason that the slower you eat, the faster you feel “full”, supporting your goal of taking in fewer calories during each meal.
  3. It can reduce digestive problems by slowing down your eating and chewing for longer.

All of your HAPIfork eating data is transmitted to a personalized online account when you connect your HAPIfork to your device via USB or  Bluetooth or smartphone. This flexibility means; you can monitor your eating habits and health improvement at home or on the road from a mobile device. This is all about HAPIfork which was introduced by HAPILABS.

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