A Russian Startup named, Strafory is using the Robot Vera, which is based on AI software to help hundreds of client in the hiring process, including L’Oreal, PepsiCo, and bigwigs.

Strafory is a team of 50 people start-up in St. Petersburg which is founded by Vladimir Sveshnikov and Alexander Uraksin. Both the founders have a strong background in Human Resources(HR), felt like robots after making thousands of calls to candidates who lost interest in a given job or could not be located.

Vera is named after Svesnikov’s mother and works on the technology of speed recognition from the AWS, Google, Russia’s Yandex. Programmers feed more than 13 billion example of syntax and speech from Wikipedia, TV, and job listing to expand the software vocabulary and help it speak more naturally and understand actual responses.

How it works is that Vera selects resumes from the job sites and the AI can make a right selection of five job sites according to the suitable requirement in short duration of time. Vera will call the candidates and tell them about the job profile. With the help of latest technologies, Vera can call the candidates and also recognize their speech. Vera then takes interview of the best candidate and sends the job description to the candidates who are followed by a video interview.

The company has also claimed that over 2000 interviews have taken across various positions and over 1 million have been found by the AI at the request of employees at five job sites. According to report, the robots have already begun working in Russia starting from December 2016, and Stafory has since roped in clients in middle east part of the world and has also conducted projects in U.S and Europe. The company has claimed that its revenue will go $1 million by the end of this year.

Moreover, human resources still have a say that candidates cleared by Vera. Both the founders are working on to teach Vera, human emotions such as anger, disappointment, and pleasure.

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