Today Disney Celebrates Mickey’s 90th Birthday. ‘Plane Crazy’, the debut cartoon of his was released on 18 November 1928.


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Did we ever see this 90 year old sad faced? That could only have one answer, “No”. Mickey’s smile brightens his friends too. The Donald Duck, his contemporary unlike Mickey seems to have a frown on his face as often as a smile. Let’s learn from this mouse. When our lives put us into trouble, do we still have this on our face?

Be Optimistic

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Mickey has a happy go lucky attitude, regardless of the situation. Pessimism could only let us down, it’s time we consider Mickey seriously and let our young generation too.

Be Proactive

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For Mickey, every problem has a solution, has he ever sat quiet thinking how bad his fate was. In his clubhouse, he has tools that help him deal with the predicaments that arise. Being proactive is a valuable trait for a man. To have that when you are a man that should be inculcated early, at the age when you watch cartoons!

Be Humane

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Mickey is there for his friends. Even when Mickey is a mouse, he knows how things should be. This world where everyone is busy making there life and pushing others into troubles, a pause is a must, we need to better ourselves. We have to be Humane, we are Humans!

Be Patient

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In many of the short films starring Mickey Mouse, his patience is tried by his friends. He gets annoyed, but he is pretty slow to get angry. In “Daisy’s Road Trip,” it’s clearly pointed out as he and Minnie put up with Daisy as their uninvited guest on a trip. Patience helps us succeed, anger can take away success.

Be Polite

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“Sorry”, “Thank you”, “Please” and a few more are something we left out as we grew up. We never bothered, or were too rude to be grounded. Anyhow this 90 year old never finds an excuse like us to stop an early imbibed quality.

Give Love

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Pluto is Mickey’s dog and his loyal companion. Mickey shows so much of love for his pet. And not to mention, his very dear Minnie! He teaches us to love and care.

Give Respect

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The sorcerer in Disney’s film, “Fantasia- The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” isn’t Mickey’s father, but he is an authority figure. Mickey ignores his advise and eventually ends up in a situation he can’t handle. The sorcerer helps him out of the mess. This is a piece of advice for the kids.

Know when to say “No”

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In the short film, “Daisy’s Road Trip,” Mickey and Minnie are frustrated to have Daisy Duck on-board because they knew their romantic jaunt would be ruined. If Mickey had just told Daisy that she couldn’t go with them instead of worrying to let her down lightly, perhaps he and Minnie would have had a lovely trip together. Sometimes in life, you need to know what you want, people will appreciate your determination, unlike what you think. That won’t hurt any. Life is yours and the decisions are yours.

Keep it Clean

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Cleanliness is Godliness. We still remember these lines in our moral studies text. Ever noticed how clean Mickey’s Clubhouse is? Nothing is out of place and everything always looks neat and clean. Take a break, turn your head left and right, pile of books out of shelf, pillows thrown here and there,…Mickey should be our role model, I guess.

The weirdest thing ever heard about Mickey is that, this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious character has been banned in Germany and Iran from 1935 for a berserk reason. The Romanian Government decided not to show Mickey Mouse on the large screens new to the country as there were chances for children to get terrified seeing the 10-foot-tall rodent. Poor unlucky kids!

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