Music is beneficial for boosting human memory. A study on dentists in USA showed that the individuals who incorporated music into their practice suffered from lower levels of stress and anxiety (despite their age). The study went on to profess that incubation of music into healthcare routine will yield considerable benefits in reducing stress.

Impact of music:

  • Music stimulates brain waves to resonate along with the beat. It may cause brain to relax or alert depending upon the type of music you listen to. With a long-lasting impact, music can help in slowing down breathing as well as heart rate.
  • It promotes positive state of mind and reduces depression.
  • It also relaxes your body and increases immunity. Alternatively, it relaxes muscular pains. 
  • It boosts your exercise results as you are able to work-out more without feeling tired.  
  • Studies believe productivity Increases with the music. Even cows are known to produce more milk while listening to classical music. (Holy cow!)
  • Jogging in a park with light music can take away your attention from stressful situations and help you stay fit and healthy.
  • Apart from bovine productivity, human productivity also Increases. In case of cancer patients, results have been positive in reducing stressors.
  • In young and older depression patients, suitable results were observed in overcoming stigma and social detachment. Music is also found to have positive outcome on improving communication skills (yeah you get stuff to babble about).

Relation of music to stress management

Music effects human health considerably by relaxing both mind and body. It has been observed that music has therapeutic effects.

  • Faster music makes you alert and help in concentration (So next time headphones are to be with me during exams, Dad!)
  • Slow music relaxes your mind and muscles. It is why they play soft music in eateries! (and I thought it was food). When heard for a period of more than forty five minutes, it induces sleep and mimics a medication (Goodbye, Doctor).

It is the music that was used efficiently by top names like Beethoven to convey myriad human emotions. It has the power to make one feel spiritual, romantic, energetic, Joyful as well sad with its power. Thus, the easiest and the best medicine available for stress management with little or no side effects (Translation of A little side effect: Well you are never sure with Indian parents and their disciplinary techniques).

Which one is the best?

Surprising studies have revealed that the Native American and Indian string instruments, drums and flutes are super-efficient in alleviation of stress. Natural sounds and classical music are easy on ears and requires little concentration (Pack your bags for vacation!).  A music that calms and soothes you is the best. So how and where to find it? Internet is brimming with numerous such relaxing music volumes. Explore and Relax.





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