Music for ears: Why should music be your learning friend?

Music is a potent solution for natural language  development and processing. It helps to develop overlapping network inside the neural centres. As the evolutionary scientists introduced the concept of brain and its growth. Starting from the young age, our minds are more accustomed to processing music and rhythmic sensation rather than the language skills. All this gives rise to learn and create language learning potential.  

Music and learning

Furthermore, babies too understand the sound of music more than the language. They respond more to crooning and end up responding via gooing. All this directs them  to understand the rhythm and melody of the primary language of parents. Actually, the meaning of the words dawn on them later than the actual sound. They mimic their parents and their facial expressions to make similar sound. As a result, you hear the toddlers  responding in a sing-song tune.

Music in training children:


  • Children trained with music are  better readers and learners. As they grow up, they understand the situation better by learning via music. It is naturally occurring that the retention of learning increases via hearing.
  • This is probably the reason why little children pick up poems easily rather than any other form of learning. The internet is filled with numerous such studies which assert this fact.
  • Due to above reason, reading  arises as an outcome of speech. The child needs to  be able to understand speech and sounds in order to start reading. Music likewise helps them learn while playing. Perhaps, this is the reason why children as young as 2 years are able to pick up whole lyrics of a trending number.
  • Fluency in reading depends on the ability to understand the patterns of speech  and intonation of phrases. The music helps to choose, understand and elaborate these concepts easily. Naturally, the music helps to understand these easily.


Evolutionary aspects of learning:


The parents are the first tutors of children. From the moment child is born, parents croon melodies to help babies relax. Babies bond well with their parents and society post learning music and like sounds. This process aids in neurological development of the child. Further, music engages the attention of the child and helps in auditory processing as well as muscular strengthening.  


It is further asserted by numerous scientists that  taking the toddlers to a music class helps them become efficient learners and readers. Consider the numerous online database of children stories in form of music. On the  other hand playing music on your smartphone for your baby may do more harm than good. Here you may go for toys or at the max switch your TV to service for playing music.


Singing and dancing helps babies to grow naturally and utilise their abundant source of enthusiasm into learning more. Reading may be a boring task but hearing music is a soothing experience.

Music programs for children

Consequently, receiving training in music leads to higher locomotor and mental development. Every South Indian household understands  the importance of dance and music for a child. Likewise Bengali households too encourage their children to opt for such finer forms of art. All this is important to soothe the child and aid against the budding learning stress.


The children tuning into smartphones rarely understand the finer aspects of music and its effect on the mood. As a teenage rebel, they turn to louder music  to assert their identity rather than opting for lighter indian classical rhythms. Thus, the louder the best, the lower the attention on studies. At this juncture, they need to be acknowledged about the nuisance of the various art forms and Indian gharanas and musical instruments.


A soothing music in the background aids in boosting brain to stay calm and lets imagination stay where it should be. From increasing focus  to aiding in connect, music is your single source to bring up the best citizens of tomorrow.

Music is a friend from birth to old age:

As young kids, we find protection  from our parents. A loving hug from mother is enough to destress you. As we grow up, this human contact is lost. People wade away from others in order to avoid being judged or rebuked.

It is here that music and dance can help release the buildup of emotions and stress. Acting as release hatch, they bring you closer to normal and give you a new sense of  hope.


As we age, the old melodies remind us of the strength and  vigor, the joys of those memories and young love. As a constant companion, music enhances the quality and happiness index.


Do we really appreciate the power of music as a source of learning and development? Rarely. But those who already understand that music is an integral and intense need of human brain are making far reaching outcomes.

So should music be your ally in ageing and growth? Absolutely yes!

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