New song by Baadshah is creating a buzz among the audience. Along with Aastha Gill, Baadshah has released a new song titled, Heartless. The famous Indian Rapper and composer also provided the music for his song. The music video which features the singer was directed by ‘Gurickk G Maan’.

The album ONE

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Baadshah started working on the album O.N.E. (Originals Never End) almost three years ago. With the album about to release, the rapper is so excited that he couldn’t sleep. He says that whenever he listens to the songs while mastering it seems that something is not right. It doesn’t stop just there, he immediately heads to the recording studio in order to fix the song. Could you even believe that he needed to do this for all the 17 songs in his album? By the way this is going to be his debut album and he is taking the utmost care in order to make it perfect.

The songs will be a little bit different

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We all remember his performance in the song “Saturday Saturday” and he says that only one song among the seventeen that are present in the album could rightly portray him. You might be wondering what makes the other sixteen songs so different? The answer to that question is, rest of the songs are focusing on his personal experience. This makes them unique as none of his other songs are there in that manner.  He also says that there is a song which he is going to make and the fans will love it. Guess the name? He won’t be renaming the song, thankfully.

When asked how the songs would be different. He said that one of the songs begins with the djembe. He claimed that he never thought that he would do a song with that. He played the song in front of Sunidhi Chauhan and she loved it so much that she decided to sing it. Sunidhi came to the studio with his son. He says that the kid and he started to cry on hearing Sunidhi sing the song but for different reasons.

The first song in the album, Heartless was released on the 14th of August. On asking about the theme of the song he said, “It’s a love ballad about the longing of a girl to meet her lover.” The album also features Lisa Mishra.

The 12 years of wait

It has been nearly 12 years since Baadshah started his career. During this time, he gave hits like Chull, Baaki Baatein Peene Baad and lots of other songs.  When one starts to make an album the first thing that comes to their mind is “kya pangaa le liya”.

Baadshah took a break last year in order to work on the Album, O.N.E. This means he kept everything else aside and dedicated all his effort towards the album. He says that he had 30 songs for the album. If you are wondering will there be a second volume then read on.

He gives a response to the same question by saying, “Some stories aren’t having any end.” He is unsure if there will be another volume. When asked in a time when most singers try to release a single why did he go for an album. He responded by saying that in the case of singles, all the hope is depending on that one song only. In the case of an album there are multiple options. No need to worry as he says that he didn’t treat any song like an option and each one of them got his utmost attention.

He says that the album has content for everyone as it features songs with the theme of love, sadness and the hip-hop. He says that creating an album becomes addictive and he will do it again if he needs to. He also claimed that he has already thought about the next one.

Parineeti Chopra and the Album

new song

                                                                                                                                                                                             Source: Youtube

Parineeti Chopra is the singer of this new song ‘Heartless’. In order to get her to voice in the video of the song, Baadshah met with the actress personally and played the song to her. He says that Parineeti is a great friend of his and as the two of them were working on the movie Namaste England it gave him a chance to present the song to her. Even before the rapper could ask her to feature in the song she said yes. He says that there is something about the song which makes the people want to be a part of it.

New song has been released on YouTube and has reached a view count of over 3 million. The audio of ‘Heartless’ was released on 12th of August and got over 1.5 million mark within 24 hours.

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