The Inner Beauty

The girl who teaches how easy it is to carry our life forward just by thanking God for what we have. Alobo and David Lobo the two munificent souls who let her dreams become her life. May God Bless them with all might. We are behind cosmetics, just to manipulate the outer beauty. NISHA LOBO edifies the world, the inner beauty matters the most.

Who Nisha Lobo is

Nisha Lobo came into the limelight last year as she got the opportunity to be featured in an ad as part of #TouchOfCare campaign by Procter & Gamble’s product Vicks. The ad “One In A Million” had a reach of five million views in 48 hours time. You end-up teary-eyed with a feeling that, you aren’t doing enough for the world. Pain brings along happiness, and so does this ad. You are made to believe that the humanness is not completely quashed off.

How blessed Nisha Lobo is

Nisha was abandoned when she was just 2-week-old. Nisha has the rarest of rare genetic disorders- Ichthyosis. This disorder takes away victim’s protective barrier which is indispensable to keep their skin moisturised. Not just this, she was born without eyelids. Still she is blessed to have the ingrained positives in her to defeat all the negatives she faces. “Someone once spat her! I was very upset, but she came up to me and said, ‘It’s their problem Mamma, not mine.’ People have stared at her, pulled their children away when they saw her, got up when she sat next to them-but she dealt with it all gracefully. Once, a man refused to board a flight that she was on, but everyone stood up for her. She often says, ‘My condition doesn’t define me. I might look like this but I’m a good person’. Nisha accepts that people might have a problem and she handles any type of discrimination gracefully,” says Aloma. Isn’t she blessed to have so much of optimism, how many of us could hold our brain from breaking, thinking about what someone else thinks about us, and that too when we are so much normal? Doesn’t all these corroborate there is so much difference between the beauty inside and outside?

Miracles that happened

Aloma and David Lobo adopted this girl of inner beauty, or the girl who evoked them a feeling, “Can’t she be ours?”, like how the ad quotes. This adoption wasn’t because the couple didn’t have kids for themselves to take care of them when they grew old, like what people think adoption is! They had five children. Like parents, like children. “They were extremely protective and fond of Nisha”, says Aloma. Aloma expects a miracle to happen, she elaborates, “We have to make the world around us more inclusive. We hope Nisha’s story and Vicks’ ad film will help to break the stereotypes and decrease the stigma around the topic.”

How it was and how it is

Initial three months was a challenge for the family to care her. They had to feed her with ink-dropper or spoon because her mouth remained open. But like the Indian Military Force, they weren’t distracted by any cause, 24×7 care ushered Nisha to bloom to a perfect teenager, now she is 18 years old. She works as an Intern for Autumn Worldwide, a digital marketing company.

There are people who respect the inner beauty. And that led a girl to have a life. Let us be one like her adopted parents, may be better. This World is terribly in need of many good souls. Souls with inner beauty!

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