The fashion rollercoaster: Pre-autumn warm-up

Fart magazine lists the outrageous fashion trends to sport this year.


Welcome back the fashion trends for autumn 2018 with the 90’s style statements. What’s back in fashion includes:

  • Lycra cycling shorts
  • Teenie sunglasses
  • Skinny eyebrows
  • Beaded and embellished pouch purses

Outrageous fashion

The tiny grandma pouch is back:


The tiny pouch purses (reminiscent of Nani and dadi potlis) are back in fashion.  The trend is awesome in sense that it is both compact and handy for your accessories.


The Met Gala saw a huge fan following of the trend. Alexa Chung was the sweeping beauty with the trend. The bag is both an accessory as well as a bracelet. The fashion magazines are stating the trend to be 40% popular with the online audience.


Back in the 90’s, Kate Moss rocked the Cannes film festival in later 1990.  Similarly, Jennifer Aniston spotted the equal trend two years down the line. The trend is aesthetic as well as highly chic. The collection is made of leftovers that are eco-friendly and sustainable.



PVC gloves: Outrageous fashion to new heights.


The amazing (and baffling) trend for the season is in bright summer fashion gloves made from PVC or synthetics!


  • Nicole Kidman made stunning impact with her pink rubber gloves.
  • Then, Rihanna romanced Prada’s orange ones on Vogue cover!
  • Though the fashion gloves are usually black but Marc Jacobs stepped ahead to use matte ones!
  • Surprisingly, Calvin Klein went a step further in outrageous fashion and sold (what resembles) washing gloves at whopping 385 pounds!
  • However, Valentino accepted the trend albeit traditional. Their ball gown dresses come with equally chic leather pair.
  • Not far away, Louis Vuitton models walked the runway in one glove!


Where the grandma pouch is practical, the gloves are highly impractical. However, Gucci went back to old times and produced beautiful Lace gloves in pastels! The lace ones are super cute and affordable. The Rihanna photo in Vogue inside pages is just 70 pound pair!

Also in trend are the super kinky bikini dresses that have bondage inspired look. Although, not for the faint hearted, the trend is super sexy (and daredevil).



Bring that feminine side out:

Outrageous fashion is today an international accepted  phenomenon but coming back to its feminine roots.  Closer home, Deepika Padukone went to her Madame Tussauds wax measurements spotting a bag costing whooping lakhs.


  • The Victorian style florals are back in pixie style and are are comfy on the pocket as well. For a change, the style gurus are accepting affordable trends as mainstream fashion.
  • Gingham maxis, Layered Tulles, cut out laces and gowns rule the feminine side. Leaving behind the boxy and masculine look, females are today going ultra cute (aka nymphetic) to nail the perfect fashion style. The power suits are now giving way to floral designer wear. The day is not long when boardroom will sport the females in their true form.


Kardashian/Jenners style:


When we talk of the outrageous fashion, how can we forget the Kardashian/Jenner clan. On Kylie Jenner’s birthday, the divas went on to unleash their brighter (and kinkiest) side. The group raised middle fingers to the camera and Instagram went kaput. Within 8 short minutes, the social media handle went crazy with the awesomeness drooling from the group. Kylie Jenner wore two dresses: sequined pink dress with similar pouch bag and a hot pink suit that made us gulp with its beauty.




Outrageous fashion for men!


It seems that the outrageous fashion bug has caught not just the ladies but gents as well. Fart online magazine brings the crazy side of men fashion:


  • The ugly trainers are catching the fancy of celebrities. From Ranbir Kapoor to Daljit Dosanjh, we have seen a lot of shoes that would not be termed as eye candy. The trend was initially started by skechers and is now reigning world with Reebok. This makes us grow crazy up and early.
  • Mix and match or 50/50 dresses are back in trend. So basically you have two on one shirt that is floral and blingy in one go. The trend is to sew two fabrics and viola! you have a manly dress to wear. (Warning: The the trend may not at all appeal to your darling mommy and be considered as a floor wipe).
  • After women donning sheers and carrying nude accessories, we now have a similar trend for men. From baring your nipples (remember that Net shirts Hrithik Roshan wore?) to carrying see through luggage bags, we are a generation that has nothing to hide. Virgil Abloh and Rimowa are two major Rock Stars in the clear suitcase fashion. So those who stack their luggage in a mess, beware!
  • Hawaii is never far nor is it’s cool fashion shirts. We spotted Akshay Kumar wearing what seemed like a Hawaii inspired jumpsuit recently.  Daljit Dosanjh was spotted in bowling shirt from the house of Prada and suddenly we are gonna miss summers.

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