Immigration is always a matter of concern for the one who is immigrating and for the country too where immigrants are coming. When something concerns the security of country than decisions can be a little tricky and undefinable. Here is one more condition laid by the immigration and border security officials that the social media accounts of the immigrants applying for a visa in the US, UK, Singapore or Australia should be tracked down.


visa social media

If reports laid by DNA are to be trusted, then border and immigration security officials are tracking the social media handles the person uses in last 5 years.

These trackings will help them to get an exact inner account of a person’s whereabouts. Giving extremist speeches or hate messages towards nation is what the tracking aims at finding out about the immigration aspirants.

According to a report by Times of India searches of over 200 electronic devices were conducted by the U.S immigration department officials.

Basically, these tracking’s are to find out about one thing that whether you have any relation with any extremist organizations or not.

The phone searching

visa social media


Be it your social media accounts or your phones nothing is out of the interrogation. Data from the Department of homeland security (DHS) proves that these cases are increasing day by day. From 5000 in 2015 to 25000 in 2016 phone scrutiny cases are flooding in border transit day by day.

People’s perceptions

In the wake of this highly insecure time, border invasion and terrorism spreads. In the highly secure countries, it is important to get some scrutiny done. Your countrymen become secure of any danger this way.

1. Partiality

Laying these kinds of conditions on people, who like to immigrate can lead to partiality in terms of some Muslim countries. According to a case in The Guardian, a U.S citizen goes to Chile and when he comes back he the security people force him to submit his phone for 30 minutes for border security scrutiny. In this case, firstly the person is a U.S citizen and secondly works in NASA, so clearly, his phone contains many important work-related documents, but he isn’t even spared from scrutiny. Considering Chile is not a country which is on Trump’s travel ban card, then also these cases are increasing day by day.

2. Invasion

Invasion in privacy is another opinion which people encounter when these scrutinies occur. Taking into account the fact, that everyone has the right to live their personal life. Whatever way you wish to live, in respect to all countries. Still, if immigration officials intervene in people’s social media accounts and their phones then it might be safe for the country. But clearly not for anyone’s personal space. On top of all that borders security do it without any warrant. Going through anyone’s personal text messages, photos and interrogating about the people they are interacting calls for a red signal. You become confiscated for that time with no specific reason to address.

3. Interrogation

Having travelled a lot, the person is facing jet lag already. Also, they are under interrogation for no reason. This evokes anxiety in an already tired person’s mind. Being an immigration official does not justify your invading people’s privacy. In the flip side of the situation, this type of scrutiny makes hurdles for people. Those who have unclear or disrupting motives to travel to your own country. Then this can prove life-saving for you and your countrymen.

4. Leakage

An immigrant can be an official of a high-profile company with their own business secrets. When such data leaks or tapers it can produce tumult. But as the rules suggest for an immigrant, a check on their social media handle is a must. Whether it reveals their important information or not.

5. Need to keep phones unlocked

If individuals refuse to give their passwords it can be a lot better. Those who are U.S citizens or immigrants aren’t under the problem of detaining. Those who are crossing U.S border for the first time problems in getting in. They need to show up with their phones unlocked.

6. Social media and immigration

The White Paper law firm quotes “Social media and immigration” in a sense that whenever you ask to unlock your phone for scrutiny on the U.S border. There is no choice in front of you in not doing it. You have to abide by the rules set in by the U.S immigration department.

7. Non immigrants are under scrunity

Knowing that over 14.7 million people suffer by this stance of theirs. All facts revealing your social media identity, your travel information is crucial. The involvement of any relative in any terrorist activity is essential. This follows the thought stream that common citizens of any country are under scrutiny. On such basis, left alone the Muslim countries.

8. Social media: Not Safe

Social media apps like YouTube own by you. Any other account on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter is not safe. Chinese and Russian social media handles are also on watch.

Immigration office has at least 10 million requests for a visa in a year, if they go on collecting data on this rate than surely they’ll collect a huge amount of significant data in a small time.

In addition to the threat to security, there are major concerns. In the first place, social media is not safe now.














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