Rakhi Sawant is getting married. Guess the groom is just as bold as her.


It is the season of celebrity weddings. After Anushka Sharma got married to Virat Kohli, the celebrity couples got a leaf  out of the book of nuptials. 2018 is an year of celebrity crushes turning into fairytale wedding ceremonies. Isha Ambani- Anand Piramal, Deepika Padukone- Ranveer Singh are the latest entrants in the category.

To add bling to the celebration, Rakhi Sawant, the bold Indian actress is all set to get married. The name is making the industry aflutter with her bold statements as well as looks. She is finally set to tie the knot with an outrageous partner: Deepak Kalal. Deepak recently appeared as well on India got talent, season 8. Making a statement, she stated that it felt the right time to get married. We wonder if the motivation is the longlist of the celebrity couples due to be wedded this year. If you believe that all this is a giant hoax then let us tell you that Rakhi Sawant did a Ranveer Singh and posted the image of her wedding card to peak our suspense


The mysterious wedding of Rakhi Sawant


If this wedding invitation is to be  believed, the wedding day is the last day of the year i.e. 31 December, 2018. Reportedly, the ceremonies are to be organized at Los Angeles, CA.

Funnily, the card seems a direct inspiration from that of Deepika padukone and Ranveer singh’s wedding invite. Further, groom Deepak Kalal posted on the instagram account and asked his  followers to check Rakhi Sawant’s account for the wedding invite and comment on the same.

To a national daily, Rakhi confirmed the wedding. Stating the fact that lot of couples in the industry are tying the knot, they decided to take the giant leap of faith. She asserted that the wedding was due to the proposal made by her beau Deepak on India’s Got Talent platform.

As per this report, the wedding ceremonies are in pipeline and the updates will be available on bride  and groom’s social media handles. If we believe that the bride is going to be a shy one, plan to be shocked. She is planning to wed in style and invite the Bollywood biggies  like Shah Rukh Khan, Great Khali to Karan Johar! She asserted that the invite has already been accepted by these celebrities.

According to a leading English daily, Rakhi Sawant’s manager declined to comment in the first instance about the wedding and confirmed the same the next day. While Rakhi is busy promoting a Bhojpuri movie called as Raja and Rani, she is known to pull publicity stunts to garner media attention. This is the reason why we take the news with a pinch of salt.

The media has already labelled her as the queen of controversy and she lives up to the title. She came out strongly against Tanushree Dutta on her allegations against Nana Patekar.


Further, Rakhi Sawant’s wedding invite was put on the social media handle with lot of emojis that cannot be labelled as romantic. The news is too sudden and direct parody to the celebrity weddings. The laughter emojis don’t sit well with the news surely, Ms. Sawant?


She invited fans to share their passport and get a free ticket to the wedding venue. According to her “McDonald Trump” is to be there at her wedding venue! Hola Mr. Trump?


Another image shared by the Queen of controversy depicts the passport to the big venue on Christmas day! Well we are fluxxomed Ms. Sawant. This is too big of a stunt for you and it better be true! Rakhi surely is playing the part well. On her Instagram, she asked her fans to help out with selection of wedding dress! Reportedly, she wants to wear that has never been worn before. Wanna be India’s lady Gaga, Ms. Sawant?


Deepak Kalal: The celebrity groom or mere limelight monger?


Pune based, Deepak Kalal got his video channel to fame post his tour of Kashmir valley. His hilarious antics made him popular in Kashmir as well as Pakistan. Strangely enough, Deepak Kalal and his message rang of peace for the valley.


The 45 year old, Deepak Kalal has a story quite parallel to the Rakhi Sawant. Coming from a mediocre family to working as receptionist, Deepak is a outcome of struggle.

Like his (reported) fiancee, Deepak Kalal has been an entertainment sass but we don’t know why he is so famous. Perhaps his way of speaking or his hilarious antics, there is nothing to confirm the reason of his 68.6k media followers!

Rakhi Sawant

Source: Instagram

The couple met at the sets of India’s Got Talent and the guy proposed. Rakhi too accepted the proposal and now we have a wedding on cards. So long for our romanticism of the Bollywood. For matches are made in the reality TV show.


Wedding greetings (We smell a rat)


Despite all our misgivings, we still wish a Happy (fake) wedding to the (so called) media mughals. Perhaps we will soon see (fake) Taimur baby! Wedding is in the air, without romance but with lot of zing!

Cheers to celebrity weddings of 2018!


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