A day’s fast had come to an end with the iftar after which the believers performed long prayers at night called, Taraweeh. Today is the first day of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims fast whole of this month to memorialize the Revelation Of Quran to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W).


This month is extra special for the believers, unlike rest of the months, during Ramadan every soul is devoted to Allah. It involves abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, talking bad, seeing bad and sexual relations from dawn to sunset. Smoking, back-biting, use of swear-words, lying, etc. aren’t encouraged or are sins that risk eternal damnation during the rest of the eleven months, though. Usually engaged in worldly activities, this month is for “taqwa“, which means being conscious of God. Although we have faith, we pray and we follow our Prophets, we at times miss to satisfy Allah because we are so much behind people and we look forward to please them than Allah. This holy month gives us a chance to correct ourselves from the past mistakes, and brings light to the life ahead. Zakat or Charity also becomes significant in this month. This month help us change and experience what we normally miss to because of the busy life we choose to have.

The Night of Power

Revelation of Quran happened in the night of Laylat al-Qadr, it is believed that Quran was revealed to the last Prophet in the last ten days of Ramadan, 27th being considered as the Laylat al-Qadr or Night of Power when believers engross in late night prayers and duas seeking forgiveness.

The Locked-up Satans

According to scriptures, throughout this month, the shaitans are locked up in chains in hell and nobody can come in way of our dedicated prayers and sincere devotion to Allah, The Everlasting Absolute. Which indirectly gives the meaning that positivity dominates the whole month. When we dedicate ourselves to God, is there any chance for the evils or shaitan to mislead us? The answer is only ‘NO’. And that is what comes into being this Holy month.


Like any other festival or celebration in India, iftar (the meal taken by Muslims after sunset or Magrib’s azan during Ramadan) in fact becomes a social occasion at Schools, Colleges, Workplaces, etc, where Muslims and Non-Muslims unite. Thus Ramadan becomes the month of brotherhood and harmony too.

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