Forever Bike Forever Value, all were holding their horses to hear this catch phrase anew, Jawa kept its word, Bike Forever! Jawa reloaded, a brand name that was hushed in the past, as the name was changed to Yezdi from 1973. Introduced to the Indian scenario in 1960 but the fans it has is of all age groups, the resuscitation of Jawa by Classic Motors, a Mahindra and Mahindra-owned firm yesterday has contrived unbound happiness for motor lovers. “It’s Motovember”, they posted on Instagram.

The company shut the making of the legend motorbikes in 1996, then it had so many models, the company had to pull their shutters down for two reasons mainly, labor trouble and the increased pollution control norms. When all these happened, none let down the rally bike of 80s and 90s. Many thanks to M&M.

Jawa is reintroduced in three new models- the Jawa, Jawa Forty Two and Jawa Perak. All the three are premium ranged, with the sporty 293cc Jawa Forty Two priced at Rs. 1.55 lakh and the Jawa Perak, the most sophisticated, at Rs. 1.89 lakh. The Jawa, which has the capacity to arose nostalgia for its users, will be priced at Rs. 1.64 lakh. Pre-bookings were also opened on Thursday at Rs. 5000, with deliveries expected in the coming valentines season, February. Book yours, Jawa will make your Valentine’s Day, let your everlasting love story begin.

The Jawa


Jawa Forty Two, available in six color options



Jawa Perak

The Historical Move
Mahindra and Mahindra is super excited to know how the Jawa lovers will take this. The company has a 60 percent stake in Classic Legends. Rustom-jee and Phi Capital Management are other stakeholders. Two years back, it was Classic Legends Pvt Ltd that came up with the idea of introducing lifestyle motorcycle brands in India. “It’s rare to get an opportunity to resurrect a legend. Jawa is a never-ending story. And we are the company that wants to make the journey as comfortable as it gets.” M and M chairman Anand Mahindra said during the launch yesterday. By early December, the company is forethinking to have 64 dealerships and test rides open in addition to 105 dealers across the most major cities.

45 years back Jawa was changed to Yezdi, 22 years back the super bikes were stopped from engineering. Now, Jawa is being reinvigorated. Jawa lovers are back to life. When life is a race, Jawa isn’t a want, it’s a need!

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