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For a long time now, the aspirational indian middle class has been relying on fashion rentals. It’s time that the fashion magazines around the world are waking up to sustainability and asserting the importance of fashion rentals. Though the trend is not well liked by all yet it is one step to saving huge bucks as well as ecology. Moreover, Fart lifestyle magazine too went with the flow and assessed the trend of fashion rentals.


Rental Fashion on rise:


  • We all aspire for the high end luxury fashion brands and end up settling for second best choices.
  • In past few years, we are lapping up fashion and lifestyle products at breakneck speed.
  • Gone are the days when the siblings would share clothes and indian idea of maximal returns by consuming the product fully.
  • One would be alarmed at the rate we dispose off fashion. It is expected that the production of clothes run in multi-million and disposal rate of fashion is exactly by half.
  • So, It is expected that fashion trends will account for ¼ of the total carbon budget!


Though, it is easy to use and recycle the garments to the maximum yet it gets increasingly difficult to monitor the wardrobe cornerstones. Renting, however brings sustainable fashion goals.


Furthermore, In a move that may sound unyielding, the rental fashion trend can be popularised by simple identification and justification of purchase.  Likewise, This trend equates fashion with the investment. So next time you go binge shopping, you know you will have a good reason!



Rental fashion

Online shopping stores: Saving grace?


  • Myntra went Harper’s bazaar way and introduced us to look deeper into the wardrobe. They went socially responsible and chugged out vouchers in exchange for old clothes.
  • The ecowatch magazine labelled fast fashion as the runners up in the eco pollutant category just after oil!
  • Rumors state that a top fashion retailer dozed the unsold stock on fire to save the brand value! What a hypocrisy we are creating! Alas, we rarely consider fashion as a pollutant.
  • The rental shopping has a potential of upto 1000 million pounds. The economy has both demand and supply chain value for both the renter and the supplier.


Aspirational value:



  • The rental fashion websites are experiencing a major rush these days. These include demand for both dress and accessories.
  • The sustainable side of the fashion entails us to reuse and recycle the existing load of the fashion junk.
  • The rental fashion is propelled by both fashion bloggers as well as influencers.
  • These bloggers just don the latest outfit just for one photoshoot only. Significantly, working on the model of rental fashion has its own advantage for them.
  • Moreover, if this trend is not available then we will have a huge wardrobe of expensive pieces that are no longer on our wearing list.
  • The outfit if given out for rent can help you indulge in another round of shopping, without actually parting with the old one. It’s like putting the wardrobe into optimal use.


The Indian side of things:


At fart online magazine we have a nose for details and we decided to save you some precious bucks this festive season. Our lifestyle magazine aims to catch the luxury fashion bug at affordable price tag. Excited?


Fart Online fashion magazine covers rental service stores. Read more about your luxury rental chronicles:


  • Taking huge strides as a fashion collector, Rentsher has huge potential to solve the issues. Such is the profit that the startup is looking for physical location/ stores.
  • Blinge: a vertical rental profit startup is taking strides in customer service and support.
  • Flyrobe is an online platform where designer clothes can be lent by average users. Basically, one gets to earn money from that earlier binge shopping fever. The platform ensures a common ground for negotiation and payment.
  • Rentitbae provides ethnic and western wear especially for the Delhi and NCR region. With a promise of free trial and three hour instant delivery. The platform charges security deposits only for the high end brands.
  • Liberent is a fashion startup that has roots in Hyderabad. With an opportunity to have a home trial of three apparels, it is quite a liberal renting platform. What’s more, the female customers can list out their vital statistics to get customised outfit choices!
  • Noteworthy, Tali is another arena wherein you can choose from women apparel as well as accessories! With choicest collection like Yves Saint Laurent, Nishika Lulla among other top designers. With a reach in Mumbai and Pune, the rents vary from super affordable to super expensive. Above all, The group encourages the donation of old clothes for the use of underprivileged for social change.
Problems with the fashion magazines:

But all is not profitable business for these young startups since hygiene and quality remain two major issues in the rental services. Alternatively, Women apparel is a market segment that has high margin and steep growth opportunities remains the hot favourite of all the online fashion magazine as well as startups.

Fart online magazine constantly evolves into multivariate domains like that of being fashion magazine, wedding magazine and last but not least, lifestyle magazine. We offer something for every segment and thus we indicate the best way to nail the trends while saving money!

Share your thoughts on the fashion rentals in the comments section below and let us know if you think the trend has a future in India!
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