Rohan Singh and His Fable of Finding Time to Tour Around the Globe

Rohan Singh

Rohan Singh, one of the youngest publicity strategist and successful name in celebrity management says that he enjoys exploring new places. And it’s propitious to visit and experience your own visit. He often finds time for travel as like most of the travel enthusiasts he wishes to explore the planet whenever he finds time to, and sometimes creates time to traverse across the globe.

Travel Gifts You ‘The Never Expected’

Travel brings learning says people. It is not different for Rohan. “There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places. The list includes gaining new friends, new experiences, and new stories. When you start exploring new places, you get a better understanding of the people living there, including their culture, history and background. Studies show that travelling can improve your overall health and enhance your creativity too. Therefore, you need to take time out from your daily tasks, office responsibilities, hectic schedule, and everyday pressures at least once in a year. Plan a tour to a new city with an open schedule and let life present you with the numerous opportunities,” Rohan added in a statement.

Rohan has worked for many celebrities and have helped them gain a very friendly abode in social media. “Social media is a very sensitive place. Celebs at times get into trouble using the media as they get many fake profiles as competitors. So we help them to sort it out. I’m happy to help them resolve these issues.”

Rohan has been responsible for handling publicity campaigns and PR activities for various star names, one being Shubhangi Atre.

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