When it comes to art, there are various ways with the help of which artists can create unique art forms. Starting from simple line drawing to complex acrylic paintings, there is a lot that artists can experiment with its creativity and skills. However, a visual artist and graphic designer, named Bryan Rugangira from Tanzania, who goes by the name @bryan_rugangira on Social media, Twitter, has created an overwhelmingly impressive art piece that has made many people mad on social media.

While the painting made by Rugangira is so beautiful, it is the medium used by him that stunned tweets on Twitter. In multiple tweets, the artist shared different parts of the painting before completing the full painting. After posting the picture, he finally unveiled that he had just made this painting with the help of a ballpoint pen and made it on a simple paper. “I used a blue ball point pen on a manila paper,” he wrote under the picture.

And suddenly, this picture become a most noticed and people started responding to it. In no time, Rugangira’s artwork went viral with more than 66,000 retweets and 2 lakh likes around the globe, at the time of writing. While few people thought that it was just a photograph, others – who themselves were ball point artists – commented that the work was so exceptional and not easy to made. Some people suggested him that he should start his own art gallery. Here are some of the reactions that the tweet garnered.

Amazing work of @bryan_rugangira man I’m blown away I thought was picture taken by camera… #ChangeTanzania #Talent #gifted

I just went to your page and saw you posted several amazing pieces at different stages-WOW!!! I hope you are doing this for a living. You need to put a watermark of some sort over whatever you post so people don’t take credit for your work. Really spectacular! Best of luck!

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