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The global fashion trends are already gearing up for the spring summer fashion trends for 2019! At fart online magazine, we decided to go a step ahead and chronicle the looks that rule the roost.

The male fashion trends worldwide are challenging the status of male image and are intended for erasing the gender gaps. On one hand we have dad’s denims and on other we have neons to express male choice of cult trends. Surely enough, we were exposed to the racy net shirts that romance the natural built and also to the hats that could be spotted by Willy Wonka!

Spring Summer collection 2019 Spring Summer collection Spring summer

We at FART online magazine say hello to spring summer male fashion trends from global fashion majors:



  • Suit got a makeover:


The traditional suit got super trimmed by numerous designers. The trimmings went to the essential core of the manly suit and were revived with fabric from the shirt or trousers! So one wears a suit without being actually one.
The designer revival of the style comes in a military green color that has multiple pockets paired with similar fabric trousers.  For the lovers of traditional fashion trends, suits are here to stay albeit with minor twists.

The new trend lacks the military stiffness eluded by the suits and yet gives an overall impression of one.



  • Double breasted jackets in 80’s style:


The tailoring style got a time travelling trend.  Lo and behold, boxy style jackets cut from trouser fabric are making news. These oversized trend from the 80’s is finding many takers. Their length reaches below the trouser pockets!

From the houses of LV, Maison and Dunhill arises like phoenix of relaxed tailored dress. With choice of colours and patterns, these shine prominently at the global fashion events. Yves Saint Laurent experimented with black and gold tailored pieces that left us wanting for more.


  • Rain and anoraks go together:


Well monsoon season teases us with pretty trends. This time we have anoraks in pinstripe to panels  and toggle cuffs that challenge the rain.

While some critics elude the trend for it’s strange spots but not anymore. The spring summer 2019 fashion trends are going high on anoraks. The casual fashion of this style can be used with trainers and denims for waterproof look.



  • All rounder Denim styles:


Denim collection stays strong this season while complimenting the nylons. Also all over complete denim dresses and flared legs are making progress. When embellished with faded wash or pockets, these take style solutions an easy task. Alternatively you can bring your daddy’s denims out for use. Canadian tuxedos are getting makeover with this style solution and hence, gaining weight.
Liam Hodges  styled jackets with lightweight Woolmark denim. A drawstring waist with zigzag pattern make it an easy wear.  The trucker jackets too were redesigned by this designer.

The trends of off-white ruled the runway with Louis Vuitton taking a major stride in this matter. The white and cream tones add a luxurious air to the look.


Wear these luggage:

Men, you too can sport the handbags like the leggy beauties. These wearable luggage went from crossbody to  stylishly masculine. Louis Vuitton made chain beauties in form of totes and bags. These bags can be worn in neck for that slick style.

Fanny bags are super easy to use and make divergent fashion style for spring summer 2019.


  • Bright swimwear for spring Summer 2019:

Justin Bieber went bright in his swimwear collection and gave us fashion goals. The swim season is stunning us time to time with the return of the 80’s trend. The brightest hues adore your swimwear collection and make new style statement.

These ultra bold colours are not for people of weak heart.


  • T-shirts love suits:


The trend that is both formal and casual in one. This youthful appearance of refreshed casual meets all seriousness. Hence, all your fashion needs for summer can be satiated with just one casual t-shirt. For quite sometime now, the trend is popular as it breathes a whiff of casual stylish suitings.

The bombers when spotted in different Colors and patterns, make us stand up and embrace this trend with open arms.


  • Polo t-shirts:

This is a trend that remains all round favourite of Every male. These all trends are welcoming and preppy. Zayn Malik has been constantly suiting his love for Polo by pairing with bright colours.

An evergreen spark of fashion stays Instagram with these revival style solutions for people of all budgets.

The 80’s fashion style Is all about revivals and comfy clothes! Bring your daddy’s clothes out and nail the fashion 2019!

Share your idea of fashion trends for upcoming summer spring  2018 collection. Which one would you be sporting?

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