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Memorial statue

Day after inaugural at Statue of Unity: Memorial leads to internet memes?

Statue of Unity memorial: Controversy is thy new name?

The statue of Unity memorial was divulged  to the nation yesterday by worthy PM, Sh. Narendra Modi. At an expected cost achieving only couple of rupees shy of 3K crore and toweimto over 182 metres, the statue is an architectural marvel.


On one hand, the move is touted by the sewaks, as an exemplification of sheer commitment and valor by the political leaders to the development of nation.

On the other, twierrati has barely been able to control its sarcasm on the huge budget in building this memorial. While the BJP has been labelling it as an architectural wonder yet the intervention of Chinese workers has been a bone of contention for the opposition.

Memorial statue

The cost point:


The correct expense of the above undertaking is Rs. 2988 crores. This figure is very challenging for a nation like India, suffering from the issues of development and population growth. 

Further, the nation is as of now recouping from the consequence of natural calamities in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. In like manner, the rising number of farmer suicides are making the development of the nation, a sketchy factor.

Would India be able to stand to sustain such an immense measure of assets for making the restorative tribute to its incredible pioneers? Aren’t we depending more on the vermeers than the proclaiming of the efforts of these pioneers?

Memorial alternatives:

The reality gets super disturbing when contrasted with its yield potential.

  • A similar sum could have profited the exploratory research, by funding pioneer education attempts like IIT, IIM and could also sponsor the ISRO’S mission to Mars. Overall, in excess of a decent amount of 11 such foundations would have been launched simultaneously.
  • Likewise, the expense of the task excelled twofold than the planned value. For basic undertakings like PKSY (Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana) could have benefited lakhs of poor farmers and their families. Whenever utilized properly, it would have profited various agriculturists in getting easy access to water resources.  
  • Big question: Would our iron man have adored cash to be spent on him, which rather could really profit the agriculturists? Would the crusader of the nation, the unifier, overlook crucial tasks of public welfare for his comfort?

The birth of a dream:

Statue of Unity memorial is India’s message of celebrated endeavors to balance out the center assorted variety of the country. Read top to bottom about the dedication and its advancement at Fart magazine site (click here).

Regardless of the considerable number of positives of this dedication, tragically it has been deferred off as a political endeavor by the Prime Minister, for the up and coming races in 2019. 


The venture commenced when the present Prime Minister was only a Chief Minister and visionary pioneer of Gujarat. It was his endeavor to mollify the general population of Gujarat by regarding their extraordinary child.

This memorial is anything but a tall statue of Unity yet is in itself a recreational and tourism center. With onslaught of craftsmanship innovation, the statue is a living center spelling monetary profits for Gujarat.

Initially the entry expense is around 300-350 Rs. per individual. This is very high, yet a great budgetary lift for the state chequers. 


Memorial overshadows development:

The real children of Gujarat, the farmers and the tribal masses are completely against this activity. The memorial is based on their land and homes. The tribals challenge that the dedication has infringed their own property. They additionally lament that the legislature is yet to give restoration and water benefits in the dedication’s catchment zones.


Development endeavors on the memorial have taken toll on in excess of 72 towns of Narmada (Source: NDTV India).

Purportedly, the 1.5K agriculturists are yet to get their offer from the now useless Sardar Sugar Mill. The aggregate is relied upon to be past 12 crores!

In like manner, the general affiliations regret the poor rainfall this year. The sum contributed for this dedication, could have tackled major part of their emergency.

Likewise, the sum would have been helpful for development of sustainable power sources instead of spending on a tourism goal.

NCR is reeling from the repercussions of the stubble consuming in the encompassing states. All the amount could be utilized to build innovative work focused to rearrange the burning of stubble. 

This sum could have been additionally used to give work and also enterprise chances to lakhs of youth. 

Moreover, the expansive number of dissents with respect to the Statue of Unity commemoration, the leader has dove into the plan of recollecting the deeds of these visionaries. In a way, the truth of the matter is that the memorial conveys the indian youth closer to the visionary and his philosophy.
In a country lead by illuminating presences, the adolescent are ignorant of the heritage of these warriors.





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