Science enthusiasts never fail to surprise us with their awe inspiring innovations. As a result, the new technologies rule the world.

The attempt to give best to human comfort is still available. This means that investment in technological sphere will remain a lucrative opportunity. On the other hand, the amount of technology dump will be on rise.


On the positive side, technology contributes in treating DNA defects to utilising expensive instruments. This helps in saving taxpayers’ money making use of the technology high.

Read FART magazine’s take on the top technologies of the world,  that will drive the future course of action:


  • Voice assistant: The majority of the homes today are bringing in voice assistants like Alexa to control the home devices. With IoT taking the front seat, it becomes highly recommended to rely on these devices to simplify home management. Soon the affordable price of the voice assistant will be another major booster to adoption of the technology into homes. Technologies like these would be instrumental in saving precious man hours. 
  • Robotic assistants: Organizations are working worldwide to boost the security of the human race. MIT and knightscope are a few of such organizations. The technology assistants are using all attempts to reduce wastage of resources. So, perhaps we will soon be fighting the next battle with robotic assistants.

Technologies Technologies

  • Augmented reality:

    Already AI and mixed reality are winning the battle. Giants like Google and Apple are finding innovations to boost the affordability of the AR and VR technology. Prominent among them is Google Cardboard, which aims to get the best of this technology for use of common man. Wearable technology may soon be the biggest source of AR technology. (Fingers crossed).

  • Regenerative medicine: The first thing I associate with this is: Terminator and his ability to arise (read assemble) like Phoenix! Soon this must be a thing of reality and  you can get a body part (customized limb) on order. These artificially grown limbs are incubated in the laboratory environment until suitable for the transplant. A few have utilised the benefit from stem cell transplant to grow organs in petri-dish. Such technologies can prove useful to enhance human life span.
  • Reusable rockets: With an aim to transform the space travel, scientists are working on reusable rockets and space tourism. Leading the game is Tesla motors. The company recently launched its electric car into orbit. By using reusable rockets, the taxpayers money can be used for developing new technologies. (We recently lost one of the space-expert: Stephen Hawking).
  • Quantum Computers: Soon your best computers may become obsolete and antique. Quantum technology comes With a design to carry and store large information. Quantum computing can help process complex datasets. By using quantum bits to carry information, these computers are super fast. These things will become useful for training AI and robotics. The Natural language comprehension is difficult for the AI bots. Hence, development of this quanta is raising hopes for another technological revolution. (Recently Uber driverless car killed a pedestrian).

Do you believe that these technologies are revolution in making? Share your views in the comments section below:

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