Superfast feat by Indian Railways: Tejas Express (re)launched

Trust Indian Railway to reinvent itself. The Tejas Express is  being revamped to give increased speed. Instead of the earlier speed of 110 kmph, the train now runs at 120 kmpl. The train underwent multiple trials before formal upgraded speed. The result: Tejas Express now cuts the travel time by half hour. Similarly, the central zone Indian railways carried out multiple transformations to  boost the throughput of the station.

The “Tez” Tejas Express:

Tejas Express was introduced in 2017, the train matches pace today with the Shatabdi Express. The train was launched as semi-high speed, air-conditioned transport medium along with modern facility. The train has automatic doors like the Metros. It joins the list of similar fast trains like:

  • Rajdhani express
  • Shatabdi express
  • Duronto express
  • Gatimaan express.

Tejas Express dwells in the route of Mumbai CST station to Karamali in Goa. Earlier the distance of 551.7 km was covered in 8 hours and 30 minutes. Now the same journey is carried in eight hours sharp.

Moreover, the coaches are designed by Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala and can run at average speed of 130 km per hour and can touch a maximum speed of 180 km per hour.

Source: Asian age

State of infrastructure:

  • Tejas Express  boasts of bio-vacuum loos, hand dryers and tap sensors in its sanitation section!
  • Further, LED TV entertainment experience for each traveller (akin to the air travel).
  • Integrated Braille displays, charging spots, WiFi, magazines and snack table, (phew) make sure that your convenience is the pioneer factor for the railways.
  • Also, local cuisine, tea and coffee vending machines and chef designed mouthwatering goodies treat your gastro needs.
  • For high end security, cctv cameras, suppression system and fire detection alarm are in place.
  • What’s more, you will enjoy the best seats designed from leather in the elaborate Tejas onboard experience.

However, all this comes at high ticket price. With a fare that is above 20 percent of the normal Shatabdi express fare, Tejas Express is nowhere affordable.

Source: Huffington Post

Elaborate fanfare:

Tejas Express tugs with 14 non-executive chair bogeys. Seating capacity per chair car is 72 passengers in 3+2 formation. The revamp is expected to bring two executive chair cars in 2+2 seating arrangement. Executive passengers enjoy head rests, arm support along with leg support for the relaxing experience aboard.

For a change, the toilets of Tejas have undergone green. Instead of normal 15 litres per flush, these consume only 1.5 litres! Sustainable is thy new  name!

On cards are two more Tejas on Delhi to  Chandigarh and Delhi to Lucknow routes at same speed and facilities! Delhiites are surely going to enjoy all the fun journey!

The upcoming batches of the Tejas will have Venetian blinds, yellow and orange seats along with train takes! Fun isn’t it? Travel in plane at  cost of a train ticket!

Source: YouTube

Callous citizens:

The initial run of the Tejas Express was nowhere smooth. After repeated delays, the train was launched in 2017. This  was the first run itself that spelt bad news about our social sense. The train and its seats received rough handling and vandalism from regular citizens like us!  

Despite all the above issues and facilities, Tejas is the fastest train from Mumbai to Goa this season. So gather your travel bags and head-on for a luxurious getaway to Goa for a change.

Cheers to Railways!

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