When in love, do as couples dare!

The wedding ceremonies these days are not just a family fiesta but an overall opportunity to explore the boundaries. Fart magazine revisits such unique (over the top wedding ideas).

Wedding ceremonies of daredevils

The couples these days are harried creatures. From planning to execution of the “memorable moments” of their lives, a few go above than the rest to create a niche.


The wedding we are talking about today is not just a mills and boons romance but a bigger daredevil attempt to test the trust factors. This wedding ceremony surely has us on the edge of the seats.


Imagine getting married in a deep gorge in a flimsy platform with winds flowing at high speed and an equally flimsy platform to walk on. The ceremony however had beautiful backdrop as well as a daring priest to pitch in.


All this was what Kimberly and Ryan Jenks did on the wedding day. As true blue nature lovers, their net on cliffs at deserts of Moab (Utah) was daring to the core. Later, the bride confessed to have fear of heights. For both of them, the ceremony meant of leaving the insecurities behind and trusting each other.

Check out the video of this wedding:



Unrealistic choices:


This is not the only bizzare thing we have chanced upon. The list of the bizarre wedding ceremonies are ever increasing. Gone are the mild destination weddings. Today couples are experimenting with every part of the wedding to create flutter. The creative talent is often for the amusement of the guests.

Forget the holy places and fancy banquets, couples today experiment with different destinations for the big day. We chronicle a few of these weird weddings.



  • A fan of groceries got married in a grocery store! This was Jacqueline Aronson and Ross who got married in a whole foods grocery store. Thankfully, the ceremony was held at the flower aisle and not the vegetable section. (Imagine telling your kids that mommy daddy got married with vegetables!)
  • Wedding ceremonies went a step steeper. A new york couple went at zero gravity in an attempt to have a weightless wedding. Their friends too joined the celebrations at the moment. While, another couple went to the shark tank to have their views.


    • Few well-off couples in India opt for cranes to descent into the ceremony. The image looks straight out from a fairytale wedding. The western grooms however use the theme of superhero costumes to emulate their powers. Their brides in their tow symbolises the love and responsibilities of the future. A few attribute the trend to latex preferance.


  • Milder ones went cycling while reciting their vows. The eco-friendly wedding ceremonies are surely the result of sustainable efforts. On the other hand, an adrenaline enthusiast couple jumped off the bridge to strengthen their vows.



Other memorable wedding ceremonies:

Wedding ceremonies around the world have been largely ritualistic but with an element of surprise. Read the list of a few of worldwide wedding traditions that will amaze you.


If the above couples were daring, a few of others left us perplexed over their Choice of wedding ceremonies.  A few of those attempts were:



  • Couples at a mass wedding ceremony in the USA went absolutely naked to take wedding vows like Adam and Eve. Another couple: ellie and Phil hendicott came before 250 odd guests wearing just their wedding bands. The wedding ceremony was broadcasted on the Australian National radio. The couple wore bare minimum accessories to cover their sexual organs. My my!
  • The China has its own share of romantic couples. Xiao Wang and his family wife liu had 99,999 red roses. Since 999 is a lucky number, the groom splurged a year’s salary for his lady. The convoy of the couple had 30 cars laden with rose blooms. The money was spent on flying and sticking the roses to the convoy. The ultra suave rose buds were the result of bride’s wish for a romantic wedding and was heard closely by her soulmate. The lady was surprised beyond words on seeing the beautifully decked cars. As a mark of charity, the couple donated 20 percent of the cost for well being of the lesser blessed.
Daring adventure of wedding:


When you love each other, death cannot set you apart. Michelle Thomas married her murdered fiance and father of her kids, Kevin Lavelle at graveside. The wedding ceremony had close family and friends to help her with the nuptials. The last rites and the wedding ceremony went side by side. The heart wrenching ceremony of love and loss brought tears to the eyes. When the priest asked the bride if she took the dead groom as her lawful wedded husband, her “I do”  resonance the beauty of love. This wedding was epitome of love beyond realms of life and death.

Another indian couple used snake garlands to set their wedding into motion.

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